4 Zodiacs Who Will Dump You In The Most Mature, Respectful Way

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4 Zodiacs Who Will Dump You In The Most Mature, Respectful Way

Some zodiacs struggle to break bad news to their partner because they feel too guilty or are scared of conflict. However, other zodiacs are able to have serious talks in a mature, respectful way. Here are some zodiacs who are the best at initiating breakups:


Virgos are able to take emotions out of the mix. Even though they’re going to be upset about losing someone special, they will be able to put their sadness and anger aside in order to have a mature conversation with you. They will make sure to answer any questions you have and explain their feelings in a clear, precise way. They don’t see the need to make you feel worse when you’re already going through a hard time. Besides, they believe in closure. They wouldn’t want someone to walk away without an explanation, so they aren’t going to do that to you. They are going to try to keep you informed so that you understand why this is happening.


Libras are going to try their best to make you feel good about yourself, even as they’re walking out the door. They don’t want to upset you. They want you to know that you’re a catch and that you’re worthy of love, even though they aren’t the ones who are meant to love you. Libras will do their best to make the breakup sound like a good thing for both of you. They might even blame themselves for what’s happening in order to stop you from feeling guilty about any mistakes you’ve made. Even though they don’t want to be with you, they still care about you. They still want you to be happy.


Capricorns are mature enough to take responsibility for their actions, so they aren’t going to blame you for the breakup. They are going to take accountability for anything that they might have done wrong. They are going to own up to their mistakes. They are going to apologize when necessary. This sign is also brutally honest so they aren’t going to send mixed signals and leave you questioning where they stand or why they’re breaking up with you. They aren’t going to give you non-answers or dodge questions. They are going to tell you the truth, even if it’s hard to hear. They respect you too much to lie to you. They believe you deserve the truth.


Pisces are heavily influenced by the people around them, so they are going to feel as horrible as you do as they’re breaking up with you. Their sadness will be genuine because they cannot stand seeing other people upset. Since Pisces get attached to people easily, they will genuinely want to remain friends with you. They don’t want you to walk away and never speak to them again. They want to keep in touch. They want to remain a part of your world. Just because you two didn’t work as a couple doesn’t mean you won’t work as friends. After all, they still genuinely care about you.