Nate Johnston

4 Zodiacs Who Will Stir Drama At Thanksgiving Dinner This Year

Some zodiacs are going to silently seethe when family members bring up mean-spirited arguments around the dinner table. But other signs aren’t going to sit by quietly. They are going to speak up and let you know exactly what they think. Here are some zodiacs who are unafraid of causing a scene at your Thanksgiving dinner:


Cancers might seem like the type to sit by quietly when an argument is going on – but it depends on who’s doing the arguing. This sign is incredibly protective of their loved ones. They will do anything to make sure that their favorite people are okay. So if someone is making their loved one feel uncomfortable in any way, they are going to speak up. They are going to defend this person tooth and nail. This sign isn’t going to allow others to get away with acting nasty. They are going to make sure that the holidays feel safe for everyone in the house. Otherwise, they will take their meal and go.


Scorpios can hold grudges that last a lifetime. Even though you might assume they’re over the way you treated them in the past, there’s a ninety-percent chance that they’re still simmering with rage over it. This sign isn’t going to let that thing you did ten years ago go because they want to get their revenge. They want to know that you’re genuinely sorry. If some old memories get stirred up over Thanksgiving dinner, then this sign just might re-spark a fight that everyone else thought ended a long time ago. They might decide that now is the moment to make their big argument.


Aries are impulsive – and they aren’t afraid to start (and finish) a fight. If you say something that pisses them off, then it’s going to be obvious by the look on their face. They aren’t going to be able to hide their annoyance, and they aren’t going to sit there quietly for long, because they aren’t the best at impulse control. They’re going to speak their mind loudly and proudly because they really don’t give a damn about your opinion of them. You can hate them all you want, because they would rather be themselves than pretend to be cool with you. Aries are a fiery sign, and they aren’t going to tone themselves down to keep the peace during the holidays. They’re going to be unapologetically themselves.


This sign has strong beliefs, and they don’t care if they’re the only one in the room who feels that way. They don’t care if they’re going to end up cutting off family members and never end up speaking again, either. If it happens, it happens. This sign never feels the need to fit in with the crowd because they would rather do the right thing than the trendy thing. They aren’t going to let anyone silence their voice. They aren’t going to let anyone make them feel ashamed about being themselves or sticking up for what they know in their heart is right. They might cause a scene over dinner, but at least they’ll be able to sleep at night.