4 Zodiacs Who Will Take Your Secrets To Their Grave

4 Zodiacs Who Will Take Your Secrets To Their Grave

Some zodiacs have trouble keeping secrets to themselves. They end up blabbing to everyone who will listen because they speak without considering how it will impact others. But there are certain zodiac signs who are loyal and trustworthy. They would never gossip about their favorite people. They will keep every single secret they are told.


This zodiac sign does not get attached easily, but once you become a part of their life, they would do anything to protect you. Capricorns are fiercely loyal and put their loved ones before anyone else. They try their hardest to make sure their family and friends feel safe, valued, and secure. If you tell a Capricorn a secret, they aren’t going to utter it to another soul. They could be offered a million dollars and they still wouldn’t feel right betraying you. Your secrets are going to be safe with them because they would never break your trust. After all, they’re counting on you not to break theirs.


This sign loves with their whole heart. When they care about someone, they will fight tooth and nail to keep this person safe. If you tell them a secret, they are going to take it to their grave. The only time they would let the truth slip is if they felt like you were in danger and were trying to help you. Otherwise, they are going to let you pick and choose who gets to know the details about your life. Even though Cancers come across as incredibly honest, they can lie when they’re put on the spot. They won’t have a problem with deceiving everyone else if it’s for the good of someone they care about.


This sign values their privacy. They don’t want other people sticking their nose into their personal business, so if someone trusts them enough to whisper a secret of their own, a Virgo isn’t going to release that secret into the world. Even if they feel like the secret should be let out, they will also feel like it’s not their place to say anything. They might give this person advice on what they should do and who else they should tell, but they would never overstep boundaries by spilling the truth themselves. Virgos will be happy that you trust them enough to open up to them, and they would never want to break that trust.  


Scorpios are one of the most mysterious signs in the zodiac. They keep most of their problems, thoughts, and opinions to themselves. They are highly discreet because they don’t want strangers knowing too much about their personal lives. They would rather keep their home life and their professional life separate. If you tell them a secret, they will know how to keep it. They’ve already had practice with their own secrets, so they aren’t going to spill what you’ve said on accident. They know how to deflect and know how to lie when the time comes, so you won’t have anything to worry about.