4 Zodiacs Who Won’t Let You Get Away With Broken Promises

There are certain zodiacs you don’t want to make excuses in front of because they aren’t going to accept them. They want you to take responsibility for your actions. They want you to be mature enough to acknowledge what you’ve done and apologize. Here are a few zodiacs who aren’t going to let you get away with broken promises and empty excuses:


Virgos lead with their heads instead of their hearts, so they will understand if something comes up that stops you from following through on a promise. However, if your excuses aren’t making any sense, then they aren’t going to be happy with you. They will expect you to give them a reason that makes sense. If they find out that you’re lying to them, they aren’t going to be happy with you – and since they’re so intelligent, it will be easy for them to sniff out lies. They will be able to tell when your stories aren’t adding up. If you take responsibility for your actions and apologize, a Virgo will usually get over whatever you’ve done. But if you make excuse after excuse, they’re going to lose respect for you.


Cancers take everything to heart. They are sensitive, so they aren’t going to let you get away with treating them poorly. They’re going to dwell on the problem until they understand exactly why you behaved the way you behaved. They want answers. Otherwise, they are going to keep worrying about the situation. They won’t be able to move past it until they receive an authentic apology. Cancers need to know that they can trust their person to tell them the truth and follow through on their promises. Otherwise, the relationship is never going to work. They’re going to get too paranoid.


Aries aren’t afraid to call you out on your mistakes. If you hurt their feelings or break a promise, they’re going to bring it up. They’re going to ask you what the hell you were thinking and demand an explanation. You can’t wiggle out of a situation like this when you’re dealing with an Aries. They are going to continue asking questions until they get the answers they’ve been looking for. You need to take responsibility for your actions because an Aries isn’t going to accept bullshit excuses. They are blunt enough to give you the truth – and they expect you to do the same.


Leos aren’t stupid – and they don’t appreciate when you treat them like they are. They expect their partners to be honest with them, even when it hurts. If they find out that their person is saying what they want to hear without actually meaning any of the words, then they’re going to leave. They aren’t afraid of being single again because they know they could find someone else who treats them better. They know they don’t have to settle for a liar. Leos need you to follow through on all the romantic promises you make them. Words aren’t nearly enough. Your actions need to back them up.