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4 Zodiacs Who Worry They’ll Never Be Enough

Some zodiacs are more insecure than you realize. They might come across as confident, but they have insecurities just like everyone else. Here are a few signs who are secretly afraid they’ll never be enough:


One of the reasons why Cancers are always running around doing favors for others is because they are insecure. They want to rise to their loved ones’ expectations. They want to be good enough for their friends and family because they believe the people in their world deserve the best. They deserve to be pampered. They deserve the best possible sides of a Cancer. This sign is prone to overthinking and worrying even when nothing is wrong, which is why they overcompensate by trying to help everyone else fix their problems. Cancers would give you the shirt off their backs – but they still worry that they will never be enough. No matter how much they do, they wish they still could have done more.


Virgos might come across as confident and secure with themselves – but they are perfectionists. They give themselves a hard time every single day. If they make even the tiniest mistake, then they’re going to dwell on it for ages. They won’t be able to get over the fact that they’re human and they aren’t always going to get it right. Virgos are hard workers with huge dreams, so no matter how hard they work toward reaching their career goals or making their partner happy, they are going to feel like they could have done better. They are going to kick themselves for not having more time, more energy, more passion. Virgos accomplish so many things each day, but it’s hard for them to recognize that. They always think their best is never enough.


Capricorns are highly intelligent — but unfortunately, the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. Since this sign is thirsty for knowledge, they will never be finished learning. They will always consider themselves a work in progress. Capricorns are also pessimists. It’s hard for them to take a step back and admire everything that they’ve accomplished because there’s always going to be a bigger goal ahead of them. Instead of focusing on how much they’ve achieved, they’ll worry about how far they still have left to travel. Capricorns are never easy on themselves. They have trouble showing kindness to the person in the mirror. They worry that they’ll never be enough for themselves or anyone else.


Pisces are one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac. If someone makes a mean comment or gives them a nasty look, they’re going to remember it forever. They’re also going to have a hard time getting over any friendships that end or relationships that break their heart. After all, they get attached easily. They are genuinely hurt when someone walks away, even when they understand it’s for the best. Since Pisces have such a hard time letting go of their pasts and forgetting about the people who have disappointed them, they will wonder whether they will ever be enough.