Maria Orlova

4 Zodiacs Whose Lives Will Change If They Look Within This Week


There’s a Full Moon in Capricorn on June 21st that is transiting your ninth house of expansion, higher knowledge, curiosity, adventure, and worldview. As the fixed earth sign of the zodiac (and the most stubborn), you don’t tend to step outside of your comfort zone, but this lunation is inspiring you to head towards unchartered territory. Go with that feeling, Taurus. Spend some time looking inward this week and ruminate on all the things you have yet to experience. How can you broaden your horizons? How can you challenge yourself to try something new? How can you expand your potential? How can you inspire innovative ideas into your life? Think about how you can start viewing the world beyond your peripheral vision—learning a new subject, picking up a new skill or hobby, traveling somewhere you’ve never been before, taking a different approach, allowing more room for exploration in your life, saying yes to things you’d normally be afraid to. This Full Moon has the potential to catapult your spirit into new heights. Don’t waste the opportunity. Do some self-reflection and consider all the ways in which you can stop holding yourself back. It’s through stimulating new experiences that we undergo our biggest growth. 


This week’s Full Moon is going to be a profoundly introspective and transformative one for you. It’s important that you spend some time alone under this lunation. Dive deep and practice self-reflection. Allow yourself to explore the depths of your emotions. Don’t feel ashamed of anything that may rise to the surface. June 21st’s lunar event is illuminating your powerful eighth house. This sector governs death, rebirth, your psyche, intimacy, fears, power struggles, secrets, sex, and unraveling life’s mysteries. Pretty deep stuff, right? There are going to be truths within you that come to light—realities you’ve been avoiding, unprocessed emotional wounds, desires you can no longer deny yourself. Be gentle with yourself, as you’re going to be feeling everything incredibly deeply. There may be a sort of mourning for everything you know you need to leave behind. Be radically honest about the situations, relationships, old habits, toxic patterns, and confining beliefs you need to eliminate from your life. Your life can radically change if you come to accept that there are certain things that need to die in order for you to enter a new era. Think of it as shedding a skin that no longer fits your mold. This is also an opportunity for you to examine your relationship with vulnerability. What stops you from seeking out a meaningful, genuine connection? Why are you so afraid to show all those parts of yourself you keep hidden? How can you learn to love and accept them?


If you look within the depths of your being this week, you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to cultivate more joy in your life. There’s a Full Moon in Capricorn on June 21st that will be moving through your fifth house of creativity, passion, romance, pleasure, and self-expression. This house has great influence over fulfillment and happiness in your life. Take advantage of what can be a truly magical lunar event for you by reflecting on what lights you up and what you find meaningful. How can you incorporate more of those things into your life? Meditate on how you can reconnect with your inner child. This means pinpointing all the ways in which you may be suppressing your creativity and once again becoming comfortable in being led by your imagination. What keeps you from having faith in your ideas? How do you tell yourself you’re not good enough? How can you start showing up as the most authentic and empowered version of yourself? Think about the fears, past criticisms, and self-doubts that keep you from fully and freely expressing yourself, and exactly how you can quiet them until you can no longer hear them. Let your voice and inner light shine through. Reignite the spark back into your life, and in turn watch all your creative visions come to life.


This week might feel heavy. Your emotions are going to be incredibly heightened around this time, so you should give yourself the space to honor and process any feelings that may rise to the surface. It’s also important that you look inward and reflect on how you can start embodying a more aligned and authentic version of yourself. Your first house of identity and self is being activated by the Full Moon in your sign this week. It rules over individuality, focus, personal ambition, and new beginnings. This lunation is an incredibly powerful one for you, with the potential to manifest so much abundance, magic, joy, and authenticity into your life. It can be a turning point when it comes to achieving your goals, so spend some time defining or redefining what those are and the steps you need to take. This lunar event is also granting you the resolve to set boundaries with others and yourself. Name your needs and honor them. You’re being granted a powerful opportunity for reinvention—to step into who you were always meant to be. In order for this to happen, you’re going to have to meditate on how you can stay connected to who you are moving forward, and you must make the relationship you have with yourself your strongest. It’s going to take cutting the dead weight from your life—the job that doesn’t fulfill you, your self-limiting beliefs, old toxic patterns, situations or relationships that drain you, self-sabotaging behaviors. As you self-reflect, think of ways you can more clearly communicate and express yourself.