5 Reasons Why We All Deserve The Sunny Golden Retriever Energy Of Nick Nelson

Isn’t that Nick Nelson? The one who looks like a golden retriever?

He doesn’t look like a golden retriever…Oh wait, he does.

While Heartstopper’s Nick Nelson may literally have the sunny smile and golden hair of a literal retriever, it isn’t the looks that make everyone’s favorite Netflix boyfriend top relationship material. The Golden Retriever Energy extends into how he treats Charlie. Whether during their budding friendship or the cute beginning of their romance, Nick Nelson embodies everything about a golden retriever boyfriend. He didn’t hide how he felt, and he showed Charlie and everyone else how much he loved having him in his life.

Charlie isn’t the only one who deserves a boyfriend with golden retriever energy. We all would benefit from the sweet vibes and loving nature of a butterflies-inducing Nick Nelson. Here’s why:

You deserve someone who’s excited to see you.

Why be with someone coy and “cool?” Nick Nelson would never. Right from the start, he openly shows he cares about Charlie, even when they’re just friends. We all deserve someone who doesn’t hold back how they feel. Their eyes should light up when they see you, a big dopey smile on their face. Anything less is bare minimum behavior, and you deserve more than that.

You deserve someone who isn’t afraid to show you (and everyone) how they feel.

It isn’t just that Nick Nelson showed Charlie that he’s special, he didn’t hide those feelings from anyone. He could have done what all the other rugby bros did and make fun of Charlie for being gay. Or pretend not to know him, like Charlie’s previous fling, Ben. Nope, Nick didn’t hold back his friendship for appearances, and neither should the person you end up with. If they’re the one, they’ll let everyone in the world know how amazing you are.

You deserve someone who treats you like a treasure.

It isn’t just enough for someone to be excited to see you and to show others that they like you. The best relationships make you feel like you’re something special. Nick Nelson puts off this energy like he’s lucky to have Charlie in his life. You deserve someone to make you feel like they’re lucky, too.

You deserve someone who believes in you, even when you have trouble believing in yourself.

The right person will lift you up, not tear you down. Nick Nelson watching Charlie at the band concert, pride all over his face? If someone doesn’t show up for you, doesn’t cheer you on, doesn’t tell you you’re amazing even when you don’t feel it yourself, then they’re not worth your time.

You deserve someone who’ll fight for you.

Even golden retrievers have bite when they need it. While they’re loveable goofs at heart, they’ll still protect the people they care about, and that’s what Nick does when he stands up for Charlie against his homophobic now-former friends. If your person won’t fight for you when you need them, you shouldn’t have them in your corner.

Need more Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson adorableness? Heartstopper: Season 2, now streaming on Netflix.