Sophia Sinclair

5 Signs Your Life Isn’t A Disaster — You’re Just Growing

Remember this when you feel like you’re not where you want to be. There are so many unknown factors in life, and those who have allegedly “made it” have only found what works for them. Everyone else has no idea what they’re doing. They’re just making shit up as they go. You haven’t failed but are more relatable than ever. Here are five signs that your life isn’t a disaster.

1. You’ve experienced heartbreak

Heartbreak means you’ve experienced connections. You’ve had moments of vulnerability, and while it feels like you were better off without the agony. It also shows your bravery and ability to survive anything. I know you can’t see it now because all you feel is pain, but you’ll hurt a little less over time. You start making room for more of the moments that propel you forward and put a smile on your face. Hold on to hope by remembering that there’s still room in your heart to love. Heartbreak isn’t an excuse to ruin your life. Heartbreak only makes you human.

2. You’ve had bad days

Life runs on continuous cycles. Bad days mean good days have passed, and more are on their way. Bad days are the roadmap to your values. They help you to understand the causes you’re passionate about. They help you sort out your feelings and help identify areas where you’re still growing and healing. Bad days often propel you into the next phase of life. Bad days aren’t a sign that you’re doomed to have an unfulfilling existence. They’re simply bad days.

3. You’re doing better than you were yesterday

You’re doing better than you were a year ago, a day ago, or an hour ago. Healing is waking up and placing one foot in front of the other. Don’t look back on everything you could or should have done. You’re doing what you can right now. Keep going.

4. You’ve started a personal growth journey

You’re uncovering, discovering, and reinventing yourself. You’re not perfect, but you’re learning more about yourself than ever before. Give yourself credit. Of course, you may have the occasional outburst, become triggered, or struggle to manage challenging emotions. This doesn’t mean you’re undeserving of love, relationships, or connections in life.

5. You’ve experienced loss

Loss means you’ve cherished or loved. Loss means you once cared or still do. Loss means you’ve lived some part of your life. Loss doesn’t have to be physical. You can lose a past life, hopes, dreams, or even hope for a certain future. Experiencing loss isn’t a sign that your life is a disaster.

Everything you’re experiencing is part of what it means to live. The events you’re facing aren’t unique to you, but that by no means diminishes their significance. Please don’t let your circumstances make you believe your life is irredeemable. You are doing better than you think you are.