RWEMA Fatjoe

5 Zodiacs Who Always Let Their Crushes Slip Away

Some zodiacs aren’t shy about walking up to someone and asking them out. But other signs are going to keep their feelings to themselves. They aren’t going to risk rejection by putting their feelings out in the world. They are going to play it safe and avoid asking out their crushes, even though that means a relationship will never happen. Here are the zodiacs who always let their crushes get away:


You always let your crushes get away because you take your time when it comes to relationships. You don’t want to ask someone out right away because you would rather get to know them first. However, some people mistake your patience for disinterest. They assume you aren’t making a move because you don’t want them at all. Even though you should feel free to move at a pace that’s right for you, you can still express your feelings. You can still let them know where your head is at so there’s no confusion.


You’re always letting your crushes get away because you assume they don’t return your feelings, even if they’re giving you a ton of signals that they do. Since you underestimate how many people like you, you aren’t putting yourself out there enough. You aren’t letting anyone in on your feelings. Even though you might have a chance with some of your crushes, you never get the chance to find this out because you stuff your feelings deep down. You never let anyone in on what (or who) you really want. 


You’re a pessimist when it comes to love so you aren’t in a rush to admit your feelings. You pretend to care about your crushes less than you really do because you’re afraid of getting hurt. You don’t want to give them the power to turn you down, so you act like you want nothing to do with them. Unfortunately, that means you never end up finding out whether they return your feelings because you’re giving them the wrong idea. You’re making them think that you aren’t interested, so they’re less eager to admit their own feelings.


Most people have trouble telling the difference between whether you’re being friendly or flirtatious. Since it’s so hard to read you, they never want to make the first move. Unfortunately, you aren’t interested in making the first move either. You always let your crushes get away without telling them how you really feel because you’re hoping they’ll get the subtle hints that you’re dropping. You’re hoping you won’t have to spell it out for them — but most of the time, people need super obvious signals. They need you to come right out and say how you feel.


You always let your crushes get away because you aren’t sure how to bring up your feelings. You never feel like it’s the right time to have such a serious conversation with them, so you end up putting it off longer and longer until eventually, the other person ends up dating someone else or leaving your life completely. You might have had a chance with them, but you never know because you procrastinated. That’s why you need to start expressing how you feel without hesitation. You need to grow more comfortable taking that leap.