5 Zodiacs Who Are The Hardest To Read In Relationships
Joshua Ferrer

5 Zodiacs Who Are The Hardest To Read In Relationships

Some zodiacs wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are completely transparent about how they’re feeling and rarely hold anything back. But other signs are much more hesitant to spill their secrets. They are more subtle with their emotions and harder to decipher. Here are a few zodiacs who are the hardest to read early on in relationships:


Scorpios aren’t going to volunteer their feelings – but they aren’t going to handle it well if you try to force out their feelings either. You will need to be patient with them and make them feel comfortable, otherwise they are going to shut you out completely. Unfortunately, early on in the relationship, they will be almost impossible to read because they are waiting to see whether you are worth the trouble. They are keeping their cards close to their chest so you can’t use their emotions against them.


Aquarius have developed a bad reputation for being cold and emotionally detached. However, this is only because they don’t see the point in boring you with their feelings. They are an independent sign, so they assume that you would rather focus on your own problems and leave them to focus on theirs. They’re not trying to be rude by shutting you out. Another option simply hasn’t occurred to them. Of course, once they get to know you better, they will start to soften up and talk more.


Aries might come across as blunt at first, but there’s a lot they’re keeping to themselves. Since they want to come across as strong and unshakable, they rarely speak about the things that are bothering them. They might show some anger, but not sadness or disappointment or fear. Although you might feel like you have a good read on them, they will end up doing something that surprises you. Something you never could have seen coming because they weren’t being completely transparent with you.


Capricorns lead with their heads, not their hearts. They are ruled by logic, not impulse and emotion. Their faces rarely reveal how they feel because they are experts at staying calm, cool, and collected. Since they are so good at hiding their emotions, it won’t be easy to tell how they’re feeling, whether they like you or dislike you, whether they are interested or are only being nice. Luckily, they are pretty blunt, so if you’re brave enough to ask them, they will tell you the truth. They don’t see the point in blatant lies.


Sagittarius might seem straightforward, but their deepest feelings usually stay under lock and key. They like to pretend that everything is fine because they want everyone to feel comfortable and have a fun time. They will cover up their real feelings with humor and sarcasm so that no one sees how much they’re suffering. Once they enter a serious relationship and can really trust the other person, they’ll be more open, but early on, they are going to be cautious about how much they reveal.