5 Zodiacs Who Prefer Dry Dating (AKA, Dating Without Alcohol)

5 Zodiacs Who Prefer ‘Dry Dating’

Some zodiacs enjoy having a few drinks on a first date. It helps them feel relaxed, so they’re able to express themselves without feeling self-conscious. But other zodiacs would rather have alcohol off the table – which is called dry dating. It’s when you get to know someone while sober. Here are some zodiacs who prefer dry dating:


Virgos want to make an informed decision about who they’re dating. They don’t want to wake up the next morning and realize they’ve invited someone toxic home. That’s why they would rather stay sober – at least early on in the relationship. They want to have lucid conversations and get to know their partner on a deeper level. They want to make sure that their values and morals align. It’s easy to have fun with a stranger when you’re drunk, which is why a Virgo wants to stay sober. To make sure they’re thinking clearly. To make sure this person really is good for them.


Taurus aren’t the party until three in the morning type. They would much rather spend date nights inside with their partner playing video games or watching Netflix. Since they tend to get stuck in their routines and won’t want to go out and drink every single weekend, they prefer dry dating early on. They want to know that they can have fun with this person without alcohol. They want to know that the chemistry is real and that they can carry a conversation even when they’re sober.


Cancers want to get to know the real you – and sometimes, alcohol can give off the wrong impression. They don’t want to be an enhanced version of themselves on the first date, either. They want to make sure that you like the real them, that the alcohol isn’t clouding your judgement or making them appear more exciting than you would think normally. Cancers want the relationship to start off honestly, and the best way to do that is without alcohol. Which is why they prefer to save the wine for later dates.


Pisces are worried about saying or doing the wrong thing on a first date, and there’s a bigger chance that will happen when alcohol is involved. That’s why they won’t want to have much alcohol (or any alcohol) on a first date. Besides, Pisces prefer to have dates in places where it’s easier to talk to each other, not at bars or clubs where drinking is more common. Pisces really want to get to know their partner. They want to find out what makes them tick. They want deep, meaningful conversations, not surface-level ones.


Aries are up for anything when they’re sober, so when they’re drunk, sometimes they can get a little wild. But they don’t want to spend a first date dancing and drinking without stopping to have an actual conversation. Even though they usually love getting out on the dance floor and having fun, that’s not a great way to get to know someone. That’s a better idea for a date down the line. They like to save their drinking for when they’re hanging out with people they trust.