5 Zodiacs Who Suck At Speaking From The Heart
Henry Ravenscroft

5 Zodiacs Who Suck At Speaking From The Heart


This sign isn’t a big fan of emotions. They get uncomfortable when conversations get too serious. They would rather laugh off their problems and pretend they’re perfectly fine than admit that something has been bothering them. They’re so accustomed to pretending that they don’t even realize how much they’re lying. They’re hiding so many different pieces of themselves from people who care about them because they’re worried about being judged or teased. This sign is convinced that their emotions are messy and should be ignored, but really, they need to start paying more attention to their gut. They need to start being more honest with themselves.


This sign mistakes vulnerability for weakness. They don’t want to show any cracks in their armor, so they pretend that nothing can hurt them. But deep down, they are secretly sensitive. They remember the little things people say and they replay awkward moments on their mind on a loop. They just don’t want the world to know how much they care, so they put on an act. This accidentally causes them to push others away because they are never honest about their reactions and intentions. They come across as mysterious because no one else ever knows exactly what they’re thinking.


This sign doesn’t want to be a bother or an inconvenience. They’re always worried about annoying other people with their emotions and they do their best to avoid causing drama. Even though they feel like they’re doing the right thing by locking their feelings up in their chest, all they’re really doing is placing everyone else’s comfort above their own. They’re acting like everything is cool so that no one else has to worry about the things that have been bothering them. But they deserve to feel comfortable, too. They deserve to speak their mind and tell others that they’ve been hurting feelings.


This sign is logical. They think with their head over their heart. Whenever they’re upset, they try to find a solution instead of sitting there and analyzing their feelings. They worry about the things they can control instead of wasting time on emotions that might not even make any logical sense. But this sign needs to learn that emotions are allowed to be nonsensical. You’re allowed to feel upset, even if nothing is logically wrong. That doesn’t mean your emotions are invalid. Your feelings matter, no matter how silly they might make you feel.   


This sign has trouble speaking from the heart because they aren’t even sure how they feel. Their mind changes quickly and they get bored easily. They don’t want to admit their feelings in a long, rambling text one night and then feel different the next morning. They never know whether their moods are going to stick, so they keep most of their secrets to themselves. They don’t see the point in being honest about their feelings when they’re only temporary. When they’ll get over their pain soon enough. They hate stopping to analyze their feelings because their feelings always change.