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50 Ways You’re Unintentionally Sabotaging Your Love Life

1. You keep following your exes on social media.

2. You listen to your mother.

3. You don’t actually put yourself out there.

4. You put yourself last.

5. You think fighting is a good way to spice up a relationship.

6. You mistake teasing for flirting.

7. You treat dating apps more like a game than an actual way to meet people.

8. You let the right ones get away.

9. You listen to alpha male podcasts.

10. You never want to rock the boat.

11. You have a crush on Elon Musk.

12. You refuse to pick a restaurant.

13. You’re adept at holding a grudge–and you consider it one of your best traits.

14. You think the silent treatment is a great way to win a fight.

15. You pretend that you don’t know how to do something so they’ll do it for you.

16. You’d rather call them crazy than admit they’re right.

17. You don’t give yourself the freedom to mess up.

18. You tailor your vibe to what you think other people might like.

19. You care too much about getting hurt.

20. You send “hey whats up” as your first and only message on Tinder.

21. None of your dating profile pictures show you smiling.

22. You refuse to text someone back right away.

23. You only choose people based on their Myers Briggs personality type.

24. You ignore your love language in favor of your partner’s.

25. You compare your relationship to famous TikTok couples.

26. You say “it’s fine” when you don’t mean it.

27. You base your entire personality on all the partying you do.

28. You won’t step out of your very narrow view of what your soulmate will be like.

29. You never put yourself in situations to meet people.

30. You’re a selfish lover.

31. You care too much about impressing your therapist than actually getting to the root of the problem.

32. You play games with people’s hearts.

33. You care more about getting a good picture than enjoying the moment in front of you.

34. You don’t listen to your partner’s needs.

35. You never listened to that Spotify playlist they made you.

36. You refuse to meet their family or friends.

37. You use every past failure as proof that you’re not good enough.

38. You expect everyone to come to you.

39. You think having someone watch you play video games counts as a date.

40. You never take time for yourself between relationships.

41. You weren’t paying attention in sex education classes (or didn’t get to attend them at all).

42. You keep looking at your phone, expecting them to text you.

43. You forget about your own needs.

44. You think there’s someone who can “complete” you, when you were a whole person all along.

45. You won’t accept anything less than a shiny rom-com romance.

46. You care too much about what your friends think.

47. You don’t care enough about what your friends think.

48. You read into every little interaction.

49. You think someone hates you if they don’t text back within 5 minutes.

50. You don’t think you’re good enough.