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6 Concrete Signs You Should Just Be Single Right Now

When we’re single, everyone and everything is telling us to change that. Our families want us to “find someone and settle down.” Our friends want to get us laid. Our society tells us we have less value when we’re single. But should we clamor for any relationship we can find, really? The following are some concrete signs that you should just stay single right now. And guess what? There’s nothing wrong with that.

You’re still haunting your ex’s social media.

You might insist that you’re over it. If you really were, you wouldn’t be constantly thinking about your ex. You wouldn’t be watching his stories and getting pissed when you see that they’ve moved on. Do your next relationship a service and wait until you’re totally over it before you couple-up.

When someone asks you what you want in a partner, you have no idea how to answer.

You know you want to find love, but who it’s with is a vague shadow in your mind. While you could certainly find someone to fill that spot, you’d probably be better off waiting until you’re more specific about what you want. Otherwise you might end up with someone all wrong for you.

You delete and reinstall the dating apps without ever actually going on a date.

You might not be treating the apps like a game, but that doesn’t mean you’re using them as intended. Rather than going out with anyone you’re matching with, you find any excuse why you shouldn’t. Maybe it’s time to just delete them for good.

You think that falling in love will solve all your problems.

If only you could find someone to love and be loved in returned. Then you would be happy. Right? Unfortunately, life isn’t a fairytale or a cute lil’ rom-com. Happiness comes from within. You should wait until you’re feeling more secure.

Your friends have stopped trying to set you up with people.

They used to come out of the woodwork with people to set you up with, but no longer. Maybe they’ve run out of candidates, or maybe it’s clearer to them that you need a break. Either way, take this time to skip dating altogether.

And you’ve stopped asking them to.

Of course, if you aren’t even looking for someone to date, that’s a huge sign that you should listen to your gut and stay single. Now’s the time to work on yourself, to just have fun, or to become a master at something that has nothing to do with romance. All the eligible people will still exist once you’re ready to date again–if ever.