6 Concrete Signs You’re Actually Not Okay (Even If You Say You Are)

Sometimes we’re the last to know when something’s wrong. We insist that we’re fine, but there are little signs that add up to one big conclusion: You’re actually not as fine as you think you are. What are the signs? Read on for concrete ways to know that you’re not okay.

1. Your brain won’t let you sleep.

When you’re awake, you’re fine. You have fun, you feel happy. Then as soon as your head hits the pillow, it’s like your mind wakes up, feeding you all the bad energy you were suppressing throughout the day. You can’t remember the last time you had a good night’s sleep.

2. You’re causing drama where there shouldn’t be.

You’re normally a lot sweeter than this. Your friends and family are actively avoiding you now. Irritability isn’t a super well-known symptom of depression, which is probably why you haven’t recognized your attitude for what it is.

3. You’re so focused on being “perfect.”

Striving to improve is one thing. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a better person. But if you’re working and working and things still aren’t good enough, you might be in a mood where nothing will ever be enough. That’s when perfectionism dips into depression or anxiety.

4. You won’t let it go.

You’ve become hyper-focused on something, and it probably isn’t anything positive or good. Normally you would have let it go by now. Heck, it might have been a complete non-issue before. So why is it a problem now? Therapy might be in order.

5. You’ve already tried convincing people you’re okay.

They’ve been asking. “Are you okay?” It’s the question on everyone’s lips. Maybe they’ve noticed something you haven’t yet seen.

6. You’re just so exhausted.

Fatigue has you in its grips. And that exhaustion can’t be quenched, even when you sleep all day. You’re so tired that you can’t even muster the energy to do the things you normally love. Babe, that’s one of the biggest signs of depression. Now that you know you aren’t okay, it’s time to get help.