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6 Concrete Signs You’re Finally Ready For True Love In Your Next Life Chapter

While you can’t manufacture when you’ll find true love–wouldn’t we all if we could?–you can work to ensure you’re ready when it finds you. But how do you know if you’re ready? If you fit these concrete signs, you’ll be ready to meet your soulmate during your next life chapter.

You’re ready to be picky in all the best ways.

Don’t listen to the people who tell you that you shouldn’t be picky. While you might be limiting yourself in a shallow way if you have a hard cut-off for height or career type, for example, having personal standards is actually a good thing. Instead, be picky on how your partner treats you and how they make you feel–and never bend on those things.

You’re finally getting good at recognizing red flags.

When you were fresh in the dating world, you either didn’t notice a lot of red flags, or you would reason them away in favor of having someone to date. As you move forward now, though, you’ll be a lot better at dodging dating duds if you can see these red flags from far away. Ditching bad partners will help you find the right one.

You’ve learned a ton from your previous relationships.

By now, you should have the wisdom to know not only that your previous relationships were learning experiences, but that they’ll help you avoid repeating the same mistakes with future partners. Best of all, this comes with a lack of hate toward exes no matter how awful they were. As soon as you can let go of the hurt from your past, the sooner you can open your heart to someone new.

You’re comfortable being single while you wait for your soulmate.

Dating for the sake of dating is a no-go for your next life chapter. Leave yourself open and available for your soulmate by staying single while you wait. If you date just anyone, then you might not be available when you finally meet your true love. Best of all, if you’re comfortable single, then you can trust that you’ll only date someone who’s worthy.

Other areas of your life are falling into place.

You’ll be ready for true love when other parts of your life are going in the right direction, too. Maybe you’re making great progress when it comes to your dream job, or maybe your non-romantic social life is the best it’s ever been. And, while you wait, you can work to make everything in your life so much better.

You know what you want.

How can you find what you need when you don’t know what you want? You’ll be so much more ready to find true love if you already have an idea of what it should look like. Imagine what a great relationship looks like to you. No you can go find it.