6 Dealbreakers That Will Scare Away A Leo

6 Dealbreakers That Will Scare Away A Leo

You aren’t vocal about your feelings.

Leos want to feel wanted. They need a partner who sings their praises, who gives them mushy compliments and whispers those three little words on a daily basis. They aren’t going to last with a partner who bottles up their emotions, who makes them guess what they’re thinking and wonder whether the feelings are still there. Leos want someone who can’t shut up about how happy they are to be together.

You are rarely able to spend time with them.

Leos understand if you’re busy, but they aren’t going to be treated like second best or a backup plan. If they feel like they’re the only person putting in effort, they are going to lose interest. After all, they are a confident sign with sky-high standards. They know that they can find someone who would be thrilled to date them, so they aren’t going to waste time with someone who seems indifferent or inconvenienced by them.

Your eyes wander wherever you go.

Leos want to be your one and only. They don’t want you to look at anyone else, let alone sleep with anyone else. If you cheat on them, physically or emotionally, they aren’t going to waste another second on you. They are as loyal as lions, and they expect their partner to be trustworthy, too. They have no interest in dating someone who has their eyes elsewhere. The absolute least their partner can do is stay loyal.

You are too stubborn to compromise.

Leos are one of the more stubborn signs in the zodiac, so if you’re also unmoving, nothing is ever going to get accomplished. One of you needs to be able to come up with a fair compromise, so you’re not stuck in a stalemate. Once you give in a little, a Leo might meet you halfway, but if you’re both stuck in your ways, you are going to end up in unmanageable arguments.

You’re too frugal with money.

Leos want to live lavish lives. They want to go on fancy vacations and decorate their homes with trendy designs. Overall, they want to get spoiled rotten. They aren’t going to be happy with a partner who complains whenever they spend money. Or a partner who is unwilling to spend money on them. Leos don’t need someone rich, but they need someone willing to splurge on occasion. Someone who wants to enjoy the finer things in life.

You’re private about your relationships.

Leos want to show you off – and they hope you’ll show them off too. If you aren’t the type to kiss and tell, they might feel like you’re embarrassed or ashamed of them, and they want a partner who is proud to be seen with them. Proud to kiss them. Proud to love them. Leos want you to shout your feelings to the world. They want you to be excited about your relationship with them and to tell everyone you know about them. They don’t want the relationship to be kept quiet at all.