6 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An Aries

Aries were born from March 21st through April 19th. On the surface, Aries are known as brash, confident, and fiery people. Even when they’re an introvert, they still manage to command and attract every room they enter. If you’re new to the zodiac and want a little primer, or you just want to feel some serious Aries pride, here are some of the things–large and small–you might not realize give off serious Aries energy.

You say what you mean, and you mean what you say.

Some signs use a lot of code and symbolism with what they say, but that’s not you, Aries. No one has to wonder what you might have meant–it’s all there in what you said. No reading between the lines, no wondering if you were actually saying something else. Aries are incredibly straight-forward, which can take some people off guard. But as they get to know you as an honest Aries, they begin to appreciate your candor.

You aren’t fighting for the sake of it–you’re just that passionate about what you believe.

You’re headstrong and will fight when need to. That’s why Aries are represented as a ram. But unlike the bull-headed Taurus, you aren’t fighting just to fight. Instead, you always have a reason to be cracking your proverbial knuckles. You stand up for what you believe in and aren’t easily swayed. Speaking of which…

If someone’s mean to your friends, watch out.

Not only do you fight for yourself, but you’re also quick to protect people. You’ll fight for your friends if they need, and you’ll even fight for people you don’t even know if you think they’re being taken advantage of. You’re like the big sister of the zodiac–anyone can come to you to defend them if there’s enough cause to do so.

You genuinely don’t care what other people think.

You’re not just saying that. It’s really true. That’s why you tend to have a bolder fashion sense and will try things that other people might shy away from. You were probably the first of your friends to get a mullet or start wearing tiny crop tops. You choose life–like your career, your friends, your art–by what makes you happy, and not what other people think.

You don’t have any secrets–especially when it comes to your crush.

Some people will never divulge their secrets no matter what anyone else says. That’s not you, Aries. You have no shame when it comes to how you think and feel and will gladly share all the little intricacies that make you so uniquely you. That includes who you’re into. No crush is ever secret–everyone is allowed to know, even the person you’re actively crushing on. (Other people’s secrets, though? You’re a steel trap.)

You’re decisive as hell–and you don’t mind making the decisions for everyone else.

You’ll never be called indecisive. Choosing between two restaurants? You’ve got this. Picking a college, a career, a car? Sure, they’re big things, but you aren’t going to linger all that long on the process. You’d prefer to get to your destination than spend so much time on the planning phase. That also means that if your friend group ever needs someone to make the executive decision, they can come to you. (If you haven’t already done it for them already.)