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6 Zodiacs Who Will Start A New Life Chapter During This Week’s Blue Supermoon

On August 30th, 2023, Mutable and Water signs will feel the impact of the Full Moon in Pisces. These signs will feel a burst of creative energy. But it is a transit that will feel overwhelming because Saturn and the Moon will be conjunct making the energy feel solemn and pessimistic. However, we are also encouraged to look ahead and not be chained to the past. With this transit, we will be more inclined to let go, since the Full Moon represents a culmination of what has occurred in the last six months. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon sign.


With the Full Moon happening in your sign, there is already a wave of incredible energy that can feel quite overwhelming as you navigate these waters. Nevertheless, you are going to be filled with the drive now that Mars has moved away from Virgo, easing the tension and allowing you to take steps forward. However, with this Full Moon conjunct Saturn, show yourself grace and love. This transit can feel isolating, but you are going through a metamorphosis that will help you reclaim your independence. Although it can feel challenging, you know that you are slowly building your new foundations and are becoming more confident as Saturn continues to teach you more valuable lessons.


It could be your moment where others praise you for your hard work. This transit represents the culmination of the hard work you have done over the last six months and how others will start to recognize your abilities at this time. You are probably still trying to develop a solid plan that will help your career goals advance. With the Moon in conjunction with Saturn, it could feel like a solitary transit, but you could still find some periods of focus that sparks your creative side. With your ruler Mercury in the sign of Virgo and currently retrograde, there is a lot to uncover and to learn. You pushed to go beyond, so this transit can help you be more productive, ambitious, and determined so you continue to prosper by gaining more mastery and learning to be more patient.


As Saturn makes a trine to your sign during this transit, you know how to keep yourself calm and prepared when things begin to get a little out of your control. This Full Moon will have you looking back to six months ago and will focus on your career goals as well as your relationship with colleagues. There could be some changes in your circle of friends because Mercury will have you reconnecting with the people of the past as well as open up more opportunities to meet new people. With this transit, you could rebuild a connection you lost with someone special or find inspiration in a project you may have neglected. A creative awakening can happen now.


With this transit happening in your house of partnerships, you will see more Saturnian themes echoing for the next several weeks. You are learning more about how to bring balance into your relationships. Mercury Retrograde in your sign helps you become a better communicator and with Saturn’s energy, you can be more vulnerable now with your partners. With so many planets retrograde, this Full Moon can bring people from the past who will be the pieces to a puzzle you are trying to solve. The Moon brings you “aha!” moments that will give you clarity and focus with your plans for the future. Although the transits can feel tough, you still feel hopeful since Jupiter is still making a powerful trine to your sign, reminding you that you will be successful.


There is a lot of exciting energy at this time that can feel very grounding with Saturn’s influence. Nevertheless, you will discover your passion and creativity as the Full Moon lightens up your house of romance and merriment. This is an energy that has you feeling optimistic and prepared to take on any challenges. You are inspired now to be more ego-driven, to look after yourself, and to open your heart up to love. While this may not feel as free and captivating as a summer’s romance, you will appreciate the heaviness of Saturn’s energy because it makes commitments feel more solid and genuine. You will feel more comfortable and prepared to embrace romance. When it comes to romance, there is an openness and willingness to look ahead with hope and faith in topics relating to love.


The Full Moon in Pisces can feel quite enchanting and you may reflect on the past. Relationship energy can feel strong right now, as Mercury retrograde could have you meet someone you were once in love with. But this transit is about allowing yourself to be more forgiving and close those chapters for good. There is a lot of mutable energy in the works now, which can help you feel comfortable with the flow of things. The Full Moon makes you feel more curious about your passion for learning. You will search for information and fall in love with learning more about what makes you curious. The Full Moon prepares you to enter a new chapter that allows you to heal, forgive, and let go. This energy will also have you making deeper connections with the people you love at home, so expect to spend more time surrounded by friends and family.