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7 Concrete Signs Your Guardian Angels Are Trying To Contact You

Your guardian angel will find unique ways to contact you. Sometimes, these cues will be apparent and unique to you. Other times, these clues may be more subtle.

Here are seven concrete signs your guardian angels are trying to contact you.

1. Angel numbers

Angel numbers are one potential way your guardian angels may attempt to send you messages. Angel numbers are a sequential and repetitive series of digits with specific meanings for each one. For example, seeing “111” signals you’re on the right path, seeing “444” indicates you’re finding stability, and seeing “555” means you should expect change. Angel numbers can appear as the time on the clock, on license plates, on phone numbers, on billboards, etc.

Whenever you happen to see angel numbers, pause and consider what you were thinking about, what action you were about to take, etc. Applying the angel number’s meaning to the situation at hand can help point you in the right direction or provide more clarity.

2. White feathers

Finding white feathers in peculiar and unexpected places is another sign from your guardian angels. White feathers are your guardian angels’ way of letting you know they’re with you and that you’re never as alone as you may feel.

3. Random temperature changes

Experiencing random shifts in temperature such as feeling warmth or random chills is another indication that your guardian angels are trying to tell you something.

Feeling warmer is associated with receiving blessings from your guardian angels while cold sensations may be messages from loved ones who have passed on or from your guardian angels attempting to help you clear blocked energy.

4. Visits from cardinals

A visit from a cardinal means that a loved one who has passed away is still with you. As the saying goes, “When a cardinal appears, an angel is near.”

5. Flickering lights

If you notice your lights are flickering for no apparent reason, it could be because your guardian angels are paying extra close attention to you at that moment. It’s their way of letting you know they’re with you.

6. Your pet or baby seeing something you don’t

If you’ve ever caught your baby staring and being giddy by something in the room you can’t see, this is a sign an angel is present. This is true with your pets such as a cat or dog as well. This is because animals and babies are able to see things we do not due to the way they experience the world.

7. Meaningful coincidences

Meaningful coincidences, also known as synchronicity by the psychologist Carl Jung, are a more creative and personalized way your guardian angels may try to get your attention. An example of synchronicity is hearing a deceased loved one’s favorite song in a coffee shop on a day you’re seriously missing them. Another example would be having a dream about a friend you lost touch with but running into them the next day at the grocery store.