Jacqueline Whitney

7 Concrete Signs You’re An Old Soul

Old souls are people who almost feel as though they are from a different lifetime. Old souls are full of wisdom, maturity, and peace. They just seem to understand the world in a way that others do not.

Here are seven concrete signs you’re an old soul.

1. You’re empathetic.

If you’re an old soul, you’re able to understand people in a way most do not. This is because old souls are deeply empathetic individuals, able to sense the emotions of others with ease. Your empathy makes you a safe person. In fact, you are the go-to person for many when they need support or a listening ear.

2. You prefer deep, philosophical conversations over surface-level ones.

You don’t like to gossip or talking crap about other people. Forget discussing the weather and other forms of trivial small talk. Instead, you want to talk about the bigger things in life. The point of it all. Life. You want conversations with depth and meaning, full of philosophy and wonder. Anything else just won’t cut it.

3. You absolutely love your alone time.

In fact, you could even say that you crave solitude the way you would water after an intense workout. This is because you need solo time to recharge due to your sensitive and empathetic nature. When you feel things as deeply as you do, it can be draining to be around others after a while. You take in the energy of everyone around you and it is exhausting.

4. You’re endlessly curious.

You want to know about the world around you. You want to learn new languages and understand cultures different than your own. You love art, music, philosophy, literature, science, and everything in between. To you, being educated is one of the most important things in life.

5. You sometimes feel misunderstood and out of place, especially around people the same age as you.

Since you were a kid, you always connected better with those who were older than you rather than people your own age. It almost felt as though you were born in the wrong era at times. You couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but something about your physical age never seemed to match your inner world.

6. You’re wise beyond your years.

The wisdom you possess usually would take years and years and years of life experience to acquire. And yet, you still have it. You probably have received comments from others complimenting you on your wise words and outlook.

7. You appreciate the little things in life.

You know our time here is short and there is too much to love, to see, and to understand about the world to get caught up in petty issues and trying to impress other people on social media. Because, in the end, you know that the little things are the big things.