10 Things You Need To Know When You Love An Old Soul

  1. Old souls are insanely intuitive. We can read a room, a situation, or even a perfect stranger like we can the back of our own hand. We know how to differentiate gut feelings from anxiety or projections. Our intuition rarely leads us astray and we pick up on things well before others can.
  2. Old souls will always seek something meaningful over anything material. We aren’t impressed by flashy items or lavish events. Instead, we are more touched if someone remembers the little things. If they pay attention to the details. If they are well versed in the art of deep conversation. If they find ways to turn the mundane into utter magic.
  3. To put it frankly, we’ve been through some shit. Our age does not match our wisdom. We have life experiences to thank for that, experiences that were oftentimes very painful and forced us to grow up faster than we probably would have liked. However, it was within these hardships we found valuable lessons. While we don’t necessarily think these difficult things happened for a reason, we decided to find a way to grow from them anyway.
  4. We will need alone time to recharge. Please don’t take it personally. Us old souls crave connection and quality time with our loved ones. That said, we also need plenty of space to spend with ourselves solo. As much as we love other people, we can also find them draining because of our intuitive and empathetic nature. If someone else is feeling something, you can guarantee we are feeling it, too.
  5. We daydream. Like, a lot. Our head has a vacation home in the clouds, one we visit daily. We get lost in our minds imagining beautiful scenarios. While the things we dream up might never become reality, we still find great pleasure in daydreaming. It’s our way of hoping for the best.
  6. Don’t try and gossip with us. It’s just not our thing. We’d rather discuss ideas and books and art and world events rather than someone else’s shortcomings or unfortunate circumstances. We value being authentic and talking behind someone else’s back does not align with that for us.
  7. Old souls are highly creative. We adore self-expression. We deeply appreciate visual arts and music and dance and movies. In fact, if we aren’t regularly engaging with creative things, we end up feeling stifled and listless and uninspired.
  8. We tend to be homebodies. We aren’t really psyched about the idea of heading to a crowded bar on a Friday night. Rather, we’re more enamored by the thought of a candelit dinner party with our closest friends at our apartment. A night in watching old classic films. We feel most like ourselves when we are at home. It is our safe haven.
  9. Old souls often feel responsible for others’ happiness. We sincerely want everyone we come across to feel comfortable in our presence. If we are hosting something at our house, for example, we do everything in our power to make sure nobody feels out of place. It can be exhausting for us to do this but it’s because we know how much it hurts to be the odd one out.
  10. If you want to turn us on, use your words. This is because old souls absolutely need an emotional connection in order to have romantic feelings for someone. So, compliment our minds, not our bodies. Tell us why you love us and be specific. Ask questions. Confide in us. Share your story. This is how you build emotional trust with us. This is how we fall in love with you.