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7 Green Flags They’re The Right Person For You

If you’re in a relationship, here are some signs to look out for to validate whether or not you’re with the right person:

They take your relationship seriously.

If you’re with someone, you should know whether they care enough about you and your relationship. The best way to tell if they truly care is by looking at their actions and words. Maybe they take initiative by asking you to hang out (and not just at 2 am) or they plan romantic dates. Maybe they make an effort to look nice on said dates. Overall, they make time for you.

Remember: if they wanted to, they would.

They notice and remember small details about you.

They know your likes and dislikes. They know how you take your coffee or tea and maybe even make an effort to bring it to you. They know what movie always cheers you up, or what song brings you to tears every time you listen to it. They know your favorite flower and favorite candy and take initiative by surprising you with them. They do things because it reminded them of you.

Your partner should care enough to pay attention to little details about you and your interests or things you’ve mentioned to them. These little things are ultimately big things that your partner should notice and remember.

They open up to you.

It’s hard for some people to talk about their emotions — and that’s okay! If you’re with someone it’s important to communicate your feelings. It’s a good sign if you’re with someone who can open up emotionally or, at the first least, be willing to open up. If they’re not trying, they don’t care.

There’s a lot of chemistry.

It’s such a bad feeling when you’re in a relationship and things are going well, and then suddenly you lose the spark. It’s equally as bad when you realize there wasn’t a spark at all.

It’s a good sign if there’s a lot of sexual chemistry and both partners are making an effort in the bedroom — especially by taking care of each other’s needs or maybe even trying new things. It’s not only in the bedroom where there should be chemistry though. When you’re out in public, your partner should want to be close to you — and vice versa. PDA isn’t for everyone, but even just hand holding, touching of the back or leg, standing close to one another — there’s gotta be some physical attraction. Keep an eye out for body language!

They talk about the future.

You should be with someone who plans dates and vacations. You deserve someone who wants to be with you for the long haul, whether that’s marriage or just simply being in a long-term relationship. You deserve someone who introduces you to their family and friends. You should be with someone who you are excited for your friends and family to meet. You should be with someone who sees a future with you.

Your friends and family like them.

The people in your life are the ones who know you almost as well as you know yourself. If your parents or your best friend actually likes your partner and has good things to say about them, then that is a good sign. The last thing you want is to be with someone who everyone secretly (or maybe even publicly…) hates and talks about behind your back.

They don’t give you mixed signals.