8 Little Moments To Romanticize In Your Relationship

Cherish these little moments.

When you hadn’t realized the restaurant had closed. Everything around you seemed drowned out by the magnetic pull of your date. Their gravity dwarfed everything. And before you knew it, waitstaff were flipping chairs upside down on their tables, quietly signaling to you both that it was time to leave. But it didn’t feel like time to you. You could have sat there forever, baring your soul.

When you stayed up all night talking. You told them things you normally keep hidden. You bared your soul, because with them, you felt comfortable. You both shared deep things, funny life stories, battle scars. You laughed through the night until the soft white light of dawn caressed their face and you wondered where the time had gone.

When you woke up in each others arms. You slept so well–better than you had in a long time. And when you woke up, you felt the warmth of their arms around you, holding you to their chest. You felt a smile on your face before you even opened your eyes. Sunshine filled the room–from the windows, from your hearts, from the warmth of an evening well-spent.

When you sang along to your favorite songs together. You drove through the night, windows open, wind sending your hair flying. You shared your favorite songs and sang along together. Your mind was free from worry, free from the insecurity of your singing voice. You just enjoyed this carefree moment.

When you ran together in the rain. You had to get from your car to the restaurant. Or you were in the park and didn’t notice the storm clouds rolling in until it was too late. Before you could get to safety, fresh rain fell down around you. You ran together, hand in hand, as you splashed through puddles. It felt like a movie, like something a viewer might swoon over. But this was real, and you’re the one swooning.

When you saw them ringed in moonlight. It was that one moment. You were just out at night. The moment didn’t seem that special. Until you looked at them–really looked at them. And something shifted in your chest. You wish you could capture the moment in a picture, in a painting, but you know it would pale in comparison to how they looked in real life.

When you look in their eyes and you know that this time is special. Something feels different. You’ve dated other people. You’ve been in relationships. You’ve been in love. But something feels special about this. It feels epic. It feels like you’re surrounded by a string orchestra, and the music is swelling.

When you hesitated to say those three words. It felt like you were about to bare everything. Like you were jumping out a plane without a parachute. For a moment, you were scared that you might be the only one feeling this epic, once-in-a-lifetime love. But then you felt it–that pull that let you know that you’d be okay. Because it isn’t just you. It hasn’t been all in your head. This is real, and it’s about to be life-changing.