8 Successful Ways To Combat Your Anxiety About The Unknown

Anxiety is a tricky thing. It is an emotion that completely takes over one’s entire mental capacity at that point in time, causing a person to suffer mild or intense side effects. The thing is that anxiety isn’t something that can be cured in an instant. When we start to feel our heart race or minds go a mile a minute, there is no Tylenol or Advil that can cure it.

It is a feeling that we people must learn how to control in times that spark our many stresses in life. In this case, the unknown or the future.

The what-ifs? and what’s next?

The questions we simply don’t have the answers to.

So now, after realizing life is full of unknowns, let’s put it into perspective. No person on this Earth was born knowing what their lives were going to bring them. From something as simple as what their favorite color is or if they have a food allergy, these answers simply come with time.

That is why it is in our best interest to embrace these fears and figure out ways to relieve this overbearing feeling known as anxiety.

There are hundreds of ways people can deal with their own pressures in life. That is where anxiety becomes more complex. You must think of creative ways to deal with your own personal worries. Unfortunately, not every tactic suggested by others will bring you peace of mind. Therefore, it is essential that one takes into practice different tools to sort out what the most effective mechanism can be.

Here are eight suggestions that can be used to combat the discomfort of the unknown.

1. Chill Music = Chill Vibes

It is all about the setting.

When you get anxious, take a moment to acknowledge the setting you are in.

Note that this is the setting that makes you feel a certain way. It is most likely one that is hectic, loud, and filled with chaos.

If that is the case, change the setting. Blast relaxing music and just embrace the chill vibes. Set the tone of the room to match the energy you want to feel.

2. Knowledge Is Power

At first, self-help books seemed to be a ponzi scheme, but once you open up and let yourself embrace what is being told, the positive reinforcement you can receive is priceless.

By reading many motivational, inspiring, and informative books, it can not only ease the emotions by distracting ourselves but provide insightful ways to deal with restlessness.

3. Meditation

As a person who is constantly going, meditation could be the answer. It allows you to take time for yourself, your emotions, and your energy. Whether it’s five minutes in the morning or two minutes in the afternoon, take the time to ground yourself with the energy you want to feel.

If you are the person who doesn’t know where to begin, download Peloton and use their guided meditations (and no, this is not a paid advertisement). 

4. Treat yourself

Usually, this doesn’t mean taking your husband’s credit card or in fact your own and going on a shopping spree. But by all means, if that’s what it takes to ease your stress, have at it!

Treating yourself is your own way of providing your body with self-love, whether that means taking a nap, walking on the beach, or just listening to music. It is always beneficial to listen to your mind. If your body is screaming for attention, take it and run with it – don’t let it ponder.

5. Think positively

What you speak is what your actions show.

Positive reinforcement is the best way to grow.

6. Live in the present

The fear of the unknown is the root cause of not living in the moment. When we allow our minds to be constantly going, we sometimes forget to live in that second. When you feel a sense of stress, take a second to look up from your phone’s screen and see what’s around you. Be present.

7. Accept the fear

The thought of the unknown is completely realistic and is a situation that many fear. Take a minute or two to understand the fear, analyze it, and come up with a solution. Once you figure out what that is, don’t let yourself sit with it. Move forward. The future that lies ahead of you will be extraordinary if you just trust your gut. 

8. Make a schedule

Essentially, map out your day, week, or even month. Set deadlines for yourself and enforce them. This will hold you accountable in all aspects of your life and allow you to take moments to breathe.