8 Things To Do Today If You Want Your Relationship To Still Feel Fresh In 10 Years

8 Things To Do Today If You Want Your Relationship To Still Feel Exciting In Ten Years

Be honest about what needs to change in the relationship. Don’t hold back your complaints and concerns, because they aren’t going to disappear. They’re only going to snowball. If you are mature enough to sit down and have an adult conversation about what’s been bothering you, you can take the steps to solve the problem. You can come to compromises.

Actually talk about your sex life. Strangely, most couples are more comfortable being intimate than actually discussing intimacy. But it’s important that you’re on the same page as your partner. You should discuss your likes and dislikes. State your boundaries and share the areas you would like to explore. Be honest with each other so you can have the best possible experience together.

Continue going on dates frequently. Once you live together and spend most of your time together, what counts as a date can get confusing. Which is why you should set aside time each week (or month) to go on a proper date that is planned in advance. A date that you can look forward to ahead of time. A date where you get dressed up and spend the evening talking to each other instead of staring at your phones or multitasking with emails.

Compliment each other in new ways. When you’ve been together for a while, you might stop giving out compliments since they already know how you feel. But it’s always nice to be reminded. Tell them how much you love something specific about their personality, appearance, or what they’ve accomplished. And shake things up by complimenting areas you usually don’t mention.

Spend enough time alone. Make sure that you aren’t overstaying your welcome. You need space from everyone, even your favorite person in the world. Too much time together will cause you to grow frustrated, so make sure you have your own lives. Your own hobbies. Your own passions. Give each other enough room to grow as individuals because your relationship shouldn’t be the only thing interesting about you.

Show gratitude for everything they do. Don’t take them for granted. Thank them for emptying the dishwasher or waiting until you got home to watch a show you both love or listening so intently to your stories. Even if this is something small, or something they do without thinking, showing your appreciation will make them feel valued as a partner.

Stay affectionate outside of the bedroom. Don’t wait until you want something from them to act cute. Hold their hand while grocery shopping. Play with their hair. Kiss their hand. Give them massages without an ulterior motive. Make affection an everyday occurrence.

Make eye contact. Really look at them the way you used to when you first started dating. Don’t stare at your phone or the television when you’re supposed to be having a conversation. Don’t zone out while they’re speaking because you have better things to do. Really appreciate their presence. Don’t forget how lucky you are to have them just because you’re used to them being around.