Erik Rojas

A Pep Talk For 4 Zodiacs Who Will Be Going Through A Big Change This September


You’re the type that needs a community, Aries. You have always belonged to teams, groups, and cliques, in the most innocent of ways. You are the one who includes as many people as possible, never the one who excludes. But a happy chapter is coming to an end, and the gang is splitting up as a natural conclusion to life’s rhythm and flow. People grow up, they get married, move, find new jobs, and have new responsibilities, and the weekly rituals you all once swore by become a lower priority on everyone’s totem pole. Distance creeps in and soon enough what used to be the Friday night norm, becomes ‘the good old days’ you all reminisce about when everyone makes time to reunite. It’s painful, no doubt, but when you realize that you are all going through these changes together, you’ll find the reassurance you’ve been looking for. Life gets in the way of a predictable social life, but never in the way of love. Your friendships aren’t going anywhere just because they’re changing. 


The cat’s out of the bag, Sagittarius. You’ve been domesticated. Somehow, some way, someone convinced you to settle down. The problem is that now circumstances are requiring you to relearn your independent ways. Maybe your partner has a new project to focus on, or longer working hours, and you find yourself in need of entertainment and you’ve forgotten what it was like to travel alone, to pop into a bar by yourself. To sit in silence and watch your own TV shows, take classes, and make plans to fill your single social calendar. You got comfortable along the way, and that’s okay. Just because you’re out of practice doesn’t mean you’ve lost those skills. Dust them off and push yourself out of that comfort zone. Remind yourself of who you were, and figure out who you want the new you to be. Someone who can live in both worlds, full of commitment and open-mindedness. A homebody can also have a love for adventure. It’s not an either/or scenario. 


Believe it or not, there is a future you that doesn’t care about whatever is currently eating you from the inside out. The nemesis you can’t stand. The guy who always parks over the line in the parking lot. The celebrity who grates your nerves but is also everywhere. It seems sacrilegious to Virgo-hood, but trust me, you will simply brush it off and move on. I can’t say when, where, or how, but I can say that you will learn to let things go. You will have bigger fish to fry, happier things to dwell on, and crazier problems to solve. You will laugh and you will cry, and you will wake up one day and realize how long it’s been since you complained about said thing that is currently ruining your life, and you will be happier for it. And the experience will help you nip the next irritant before it spirals out of control past the point of no return.


You’re going to be given more responsibility this month, Libra, perhaps more than you’re ready for or believe yourself capable of. The faster you find some confidence, the better, because you’re going to have to rise to the occasion one way or another. Remember that panicking never helped anyone, and just give it your best shot. You literally have nothing to lose, and all the experience in the world to gain. Getting constructive feedback won’t kill you, so just listen with open ears and an open mind, and keep trying to improve. You’ll be so surprised at what you can accomplish when you raise the bar you’re aiming for.