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A Tarot Reader Predicts What Each Zodiac Should Expect Before February 6


Your card: 6 of Swords

You’re going through a transition in life right now. While the change itself might not have been under your control, the 6 of Swords shows that it’ll ultimately be a welcome change. You’re being released from something so you can start anew. You can breathe deeply now.


Your card: 3 of Cups

This is a good week to call a friend for a hang. This card is all about creativity and collaboration in friendships, so if you’ve been talking about doing something fun together, like one of those axe-throwing places, this is the perfect time.


Your card: 7 of Cups

If you’ve been feeling a little aimless lately or unhappy with the choices you’ve made in life–like where you work or live–this is a great time to really evaluate what you want. You don’t have to make a decision this week, but sitting with how you feel is a great way to get closer.


Your card: 3 of Wands

You sometimes live more in the past than the present or future. This week, spend some time looking forward. What do you want over the next few months or even years? You don’t need to plan everything out right now, but looking ahead will help with your growth and expansion.


Your card: Page of Pentacles

You’ll find yourself with an opportunity this week when it comes to work. Maybe a better position will open up or you’ll be offered a new job somewhere else. This card encourages you to go for it–you might just end up with a much better financial situation if you do.


Your card: The Fool

The Fool isn’t about stupidity or ignorance, but about the innocence and lack of experience when you start something new. You’ll find yourself with a new opportunity this week. Don’t let your lack of experience keep you from going for it–you can handle anything.


Your card: The Hermit

It’s the dead of winter for those in the northern hemisphere. If you’re feeling a pull to stay home instead of going out in the cold, that’s a great idea. Hibernate in a pile of blankets, eat some snacks, and rest. You can always go out next week.


Your card: 5 of Cups

Something isn’t going to go your way this week. It could just be a minor disappointment–that’s certainly the hope–but it could also be a big loss. When you’re feeling like it’s the end of the world, remember that the way you feel is temporary and that next week you’ll be starting fresh.


Your card: 5 of Swords

Get ready for a fight this week. A conflict will come up and you’ll feel a pull to fight as hard as you can in order to win. Unfortunately, the harder you struggle, the less likely that you’ll come out on top. Some battles don’t have any winners, Sagittarius.


Your card: 7 of Pentacles

You’re great with goals, both in setting them and seeing them through. This week will be all about the work you put in to get what you want. You’re not reaching the end yet, but the work you put in right now will make a big difference.


Your card: 3 of Swords

You often feel just fine being alone, but that’s not the case this week. It could be that you’re going through a difficult loss or maybe it’s just because it’s so close to Valentine’s Day. Either way, it’s going to be a rough week when it comes to heartbreak and emotional pain.


Your card: Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is about a journey ending. Unlike other cards in the deck, this one speaks to the positive aspects of a transition period. Whatever’s ending for you this week–large or small–you’ll be feeling fulfilled and accomplished for everything you put into it, and excited for what happens next.