A Tarot Reader Predicts What Each Zodiac Should Expect Before January 9


Your card: King of Cups

You’re not always the best at controlling your emotions. You can be quick to anger or say something spicy before your brain has time to stop you. This week, it’s more imperative than ever to keep your feelings under control. Try your best to think before you speak and to not take out your anger on the wrong person.


Your card: The Hermit

You’ll be feeling like you just want to crawl into a blanket and hibernate at home all week–although that’s par for the course for you, especially in winter. By all means, stay at home. Just know that you might be missing out on some cool opportunities if you never let yourself be in the right place at the right time.


Your card: 7 of Swords

Betrayal is your unfortunate keyword for the week, Gemini. Something nefarious is going on. It could be an outside force working against you, or you could be the one finally getting some justice for an icky thing you’ve been doing in the background. Though it can feel like consequences seem to skip you, that luck might be on its way out.


Your card: The World

Something is ending this week. While conclusions can often feel sad, the culmination you’re going through is a good thing. You’ve accomplished something, fulfilled a goal, did the thing you set out to do. Now is the perfect time to celebrate. (And figure out what happens next.)


Your card: 7 of Cups

You might be feeling a little aimless this week. The beginning of the year is all about setting goals and deciding what you want, yet you’re struggling with that. You have choices to make, but it’s okay if you don’t figure it out right now. Some of us need more time than others in our search for purpose.


Your card: 3 of Pentacles

You feel like you can handle everything by yourself. You’ve certainly proven that you’re capable and can handle anything. That doesn’t mean you should always do everything on your own. This card is encouraging you to work with others and ask for help this week. I know that can be hard, but good things will come from it.


Your card: 10 of Swords

Uh oh, Libra. Things aren’t going your way this week. Something is about to end, whether a romantic or friendship breakup, or even getting fired. Be super cautious or you may end up having to deal with a bunch of betrayal and loss. Some things you can control and some things are out of your hands. It’s important to figure out which is which.


Your card: The Lovers

You’ll be feeling uncharacteristically dreamy and romantic this week. You might as well channel that energy into something wonderful. If you’ve got a partner, set up some nice dates. If you’re single, now’s the perfect time to flirt your way through your Tinder matches. You’re much luckier in love than usual right now.


Your card: 7 of Pentacles

While you’re great at living in the moment, you don’t always put a lot of focus on the future. Though you’re not always a “New Year’s Resolutions Person,” there’s value in looking ahead. Since it’s the start of the year, now’s a good time to think about what you want for the next 6 months, year, five years. Are you on track to get there?


Your card: 4 of Swords

Sure, you might have planned to kick back and do nothing over the holidays, but if you’re honest, you know you did no such thing. This card is telling you to actually rest and relax for once. It doesn’t make you lazy. The things on your to-do list will still be there waiting for you next week.


Your card: 9 of Pentacles

This week is about luxury and self-sufficiency. You’re either at a point in your life when you have some fun money, or you’re on track to get there. Though you may have a hard time splurging on frivolous things, try to treat yourself this week. Maybe a massage or a trip to the movies with friends? You’re worth it.


Your card: 9 of Cups

Sometimes you just have a good week and there’s no real reason why. You just have this feeling of satisfaction this week. Embrace it and radiate that positivity. Sure, you could find some way to add some drama, but that can always wait. It’s not every day that you just feel good. Go with the flow.