Kristopher Roller

A Tarot Reader Predicts What Every Zodiac Should Expect Before October 10


Your card: 6 of Cups

You’re not always the first person to wade through nostalgia. Instead, you live for the moment. This week, have a look back at your best moments. You could learn from something there, or just have fun reliving your childhood highlight reel.


Your card: 7 of Cups

Something’s coming this week that could be too good to be true. If your instincts are telling you to shy away from something, it might be time to listen. And if you’re not sure, do a little digging to get to the bottom of it.


Your card: The Moon

Look closer at what’s around you this week. Something’s hidden from you, and it’ll take breaking illusions to reveal it. It could be secrets at work or deceptions from friends. You could even be keeping something from yourself. You could just let the deceptions happen, or do something to reveal them.


Your card: King of Pentacles

Now isn’t the time to let fate guide your life’s path. You have opportunities this week, but only if you actually do the work to make them happen. When something amazing presents itself you to, take the steps to grab hold of it.


Your card: The Chariot

I’m not going to lie to you: The Chariot shows you’re going to run into a bunch of obstacles this week. You could whine that things aren’t working out how you wanted, or you could work past them and be better off for it. That’s entirely up to you.


Your card: The Emperor

This card requires structure, so it’s great that it’s happening to you, Virgo. Of all the zodiac signs that could handle the balancing act you’ll need this week, it’s you. Use your strength and cunning to get what you want, all with a dash of preparation.


Your card: Page of Swords

Let your curiosity lead you this week. Google that thing you’ve been wondering about and take the steps you need to make things happen. Just remember: Avoid judging people and things too harshly, or it may stall your progress.


Your card: 4 of Pentacles

Now isn’t the time to act impulsively–at least when it comes to money. Avoid impulse purchases this week. I know it can be tough to hold back sometimes, but it’ll be totally worth it. If you still want it next week, then by all means, buy it then.


Your card: The Fool

You’re at the precipice of a new adventure. It can be tough to start fresh and change is scary–I understand. But if you go in with some optimism and an open heart, you’ll weather this newbie period and come out the other end intact.


Your card: The Empress

You’re overflowing with an abundance of creativity, but it’ll only flourish if you accept and use that power. Feel all your feelings, then channel them into a cool project or relationship. You’ve got big things coming, Capricorn.


Your card: Death

Don’t be too spooked by this card, Aquarius. The Death card signifies the end of one thing and the beginning of another. While change can be a spooky concept considering you don’t know what will come of it, that transformation can be cathartic and necessary. Either way, get ready for a big change.


Your card: 2 of Cups

Though you might feel like your self-reliance is your biggest trait, take a step back and let someone else in this week. This card is about partnership and working together. You’ll get more out of the week if you accept that you can’t do everything alone.