There’s Another ‘Lost Boys’ Mandela Effect You Might Have Missed

When a movie is so ubiquitous in your upbringing, you think you know the film back-to-front. You can quote lines like the best of them, but your memory may be flawed. Or perhaps it’s a Mandela Effect, showing you that you’re in an alternate timeline. In the past, we’ve discussed a Mandela Effect that fans of The Lost Boys found in an iconic scene: Does Michael eat worms or maggots? Well, fans have found a new one, and a lot of people insist their memory is right and the movie has changed. So tell me: What did Michael’s sunglasses look like?

Have Michael’s glasses changed?

A Mandela Effect happens when a large group of people collectively misremembers something. Some think that this is proof that we’re in a simulation or that we’re all from the wrong timeline. It sounds silly, but maybe you’re just like the others who are misremembering a key part of The Lost Boys. If you think back on your favorite 1980s vampire movie, what do you think Michael’s sunglasses look like? Get a good mental image before I show you an actual screenshot from the movie. Ready?

Michael (Jason Patric) is too cool now that he’s a half-vamp. The Lost Boys

Are his glasses how you remember them? If the silver-framed granny glasses aren’t quite right to you, then you can join the others in thinking this is a Mandela Effect. They’re insisting that his frames were all black:

The glasses of Jason Patric in The Lost Boys movie. Do you remember the glasses being all black? The whole thing only black colour? Now the glasses are black AND white.


They were all black. 100%.


I for sure remember all black. When I read “The Lost Boys” even before I read the bit about the glasses, I saw the scene in my head and they were all black.


Some have even brought up the official movie poster, remembering that Michael had all-black glasses there as well. But take a look:

The original poster art for The Lost Boys is proving everyone wrong.

There he is, the biggest face on the poster, and he’s sporting those chrome granny sunglasses. If this is a spooky Mandela Effect, it’s certainly elaborate. One Lost Boys fan had a good point about the style of the glasses:

At the time the film came out, those weird granny glasses would have been the most talked about feature of the poster.

Ironically wearing those style glasses was not a thing when it came out.


It’s true, this style is super popular right now. I’d kill for a pair of sunglasses like these. But in the 80s? It was either wayfarers (the classic full-frame black sunglasses that everyone was wearing at the time) or aviators (think Tom Cruise in Top Gun). So wouldn’t weird, abnormal sunglasses stand out on the poster? For some, that makes it suspect. They would have remembered if the sunglasses looked different from the norm.

What do you think? Is your memory playing tricks on you? And if so, do you believe this is a sign that something isn’t right with the universe?