By 30, You Should Know How To Do These 13 Things
Adrian Calle

By 30, You Should Know How To Do These 13 Things

“You should know how to say no without offering an excuse. People always say, ‘No, because X.’ Well now that other person needs to navigate around X and you either bend the knee or look like a bitch if they successfully do so and you still decline. Learning to say no without an excuse is invaluable.” — Jaytalvapes

“You should know when to shut your mouth. Not every thought is appropriate in every situation. Know what to say and when it’s okay to say it.” — ohgeebus_notagain

“You should know how to be by yourself. Many people keep toxic friendships or relationships going since they are afraid of being alone.” — bouquetoftacos

“You should know how to take a deep breath when you are upset or angry, and realize that other people have entire worlds, too, and we probably have no idea what most of them are carrying. Guy that cut you off in traffic? Going to see his dying dad. Crabby waitress? She has a 3 month old and doesn’t get much sleep but she has to go to work to keep food on the table.” — a_little_motel

“You should know how to wash dishes properly. It baffles me how some people ‘clean’ dishes and put them in the rack with food still caked on. I don’t understand, when you go to pack it away, do you not see food still on it? Do you not care? When you serve people with dirty cutlery do you not feel embarrassed? I’m triggering myself just thinking about it.” — heckinheckyeah

“You should know how to make a doctor’s appointment/navigate choosing insurance. It’s scary, but once you ask for help a time or two, you should be able to get the hang of it.” — cakeweefs

“You should know how to cope with failures… Building a healthy coping mechanism at an early age will lead to good mental health. Sometimes the way you handle defeat when you are young can lead to addiction problems, etc.” — TheEverSmilingMonk

“You should know how to save money. My trick is I always ask myself multiple times if I really need it before buying it. Most of the time I really don’t.” — carledricksy

“You should know basic hygiene. You don’t have to have a lot of money to take care of yourself. Brush your hair, brush your teeth, and bathe.” — rancid_granny

“You should know how to do laundry. It amazes me how many grown ass adults still rely on their parents to do their laundry.” — crazycatlady331

“You should know how to write professional emails! I’m amazed at how many people older than me just cannot seem to get it.” — roundboulder

“You should have a hobby that doesn’t make life miserable and can help balance out work life stress (if any).” — voraciouslama

“You should know how to use Google. About half of the things listed here can be accomplished by knowing how to Google. Fixing a car, writing a check, basic home maintenance, cooking, and so many things. Get good at Googling.” — HolierMonkey586