Did This Creepy TikTok Of The Moon Just Prove UFOs Exist?

While everyone was staring up at the Super Blood Moon Eclipse earlier this week, a lot of us missed something monumental. On May 16th, 2022, a TikTok user recorded something wild with her cell phone through a telescope. The resulting video shows some compelling evidence that UFOs exist–and now TikTok is reeling over this.

TikTok user @brittmo77 was watching the full moon through her telescope. She attached her cell phone with a mount to the eyepiece to record video of the moon. At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be anything much cooler than a really clear view of the moon. But then…


See that speck? At the start of her video, you can see something moving swiftly across the surface of the moon. When I first started watching this video, I had to roll my eyes at this. Obviously this is one of the over 6,500 satellites currently orbiting Earth, right? It’s just a trick of perspective that makes it look like it’s close to the moon. But then…


As the object passes the edge of the surface of the full moon, a blast of smoke or dust pulls up as it seemingly leaves the moon’s atmosphere. It truly looks like it’s drumming up moon dust. At this point my skepticism melted away. But what do you think? Watch the full video below to see if you’re a believer or a skeptic:


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That plume of dust as the object pulls away from the moon really is convincing. Some people are believers while others have found seemingly logical explanations for what this could be.

This TikTok user thinks this proves the theory that the moon is a hologram. I guess that’s one way to look at it…

This is probably the most compelling argument for it being something less sinister. This user suggests that the cloud we see is just jet exhaust as a plane flies past. While this sounds like a good idea, I would assume that a plane flying past the moon would look a lot larger in this video than this tiny speck considering that the telescope is so far zoomed in on the moon.

Others are just worried that something will happen to @brittmo77. To them, she should worry about being silenced, and many have saved the video. Considering that the CIA has released a bunch of their own UFO evidence, I’m curious who would actually want to silence her.

Regardless of what the video proves, it’s still a fun little TikTok showing something that can’t quite be easily explained. Is it an alien spacecraft? Just a passenger plane? Proof of a moon hologram? We’ll probably never know.