This Is The Book Every Euphoria Character Desperately Needs To Read Right Now

While I have yet to see anyone at Euphoria High actually pick up a book other than Lexi, the deeply unique characteristics and color stories each character represents made me think about which book from our Thought Catalog Books collection would best reflect them. I don’t necessarily think anyone within the show is running to grab the latest copy of This Is How You Heal, but if I were to pair up collections and characters — this is what I think each personality would reach for.

Kat — The Mountain Is You 

Kat Hernandez is The Mountain is You by Brianna Wiest.

Kat is self-sabotaging within her relationship and can’t quite figure out what kind of space she wants to take up in this world. She is constantly fantasizing and escaping her reality, which is only driving her further into her confusion. 

Lexi — 101 Essays

Lexi Howard is Brianna Wiest’s book 101 Essays.

Lexi is known for being the person everyone can count on and she seems to have her shit together. She is 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think because she is straight forward, dependable, and wiser than literally everyone at her school.

Elliot — Public Intimacy

Elliot is the Karel Chaladek’s photo book Public Intimacy.

Elliot is a character that has this air of darkness to him. He seems like a mystery, and yet we can’t quite look away. Public Intimacy perfectly embodies him — it is artistic, mysterious, and strange.

Cassie — Everything You’ll Ever Need You Can Find Within Yourself

Cassie Howard is Everything You’ll Ever Need by Charlotte Freeman.

Cassie is a reflection of the American Dream — the embodiment of the barbie perfect, girl next door. She is always illustrated in a pastel pink, soft hearted way, despite the fact that deep down she’s a mess. The cover of Everything You’ll Ever Need You Can Find within yourself perfectly represents Cassie, but it’s the words on self love, and self respect, within it that we think she could use.

Jules — Your Heart Is The Sea

Jules Vaughn is Nikita Gill’s poetry book Your Heart is the Sea.

Jules is a watery, emotional human being. She is poetic, artistic, and she wears her heart on her sleeve. There is an air of dreaminess to her whenever she is on the screen. Your Heart Is The Sea is a collection of words that are softly expressive, and there is a peacefulness to the cover. It reminds us so much of her character.

Rue — Suicide

Rue Bennett is Suicide by Simon Critchley.

Rue is aware of her closeness to death and often her hallucinations deal with her dead father. Suicide is a book that tries to honestly examine just how delicate the line between life and death is and in that way captures the morbid twilight of life/death serious addicts face on a daily basis.

Maddy — Your Soul Is A River

Maddy Perez is Your Soul Is A River by Nikita Gill.

Your Soul Is A River reminds us of Maddy because it is both bold and eye-catching. Maddy always stands out with her glitter-laden, jet-black makeup and fashion choices, and this book perfectly illustrates that aspect of her character. Your Soul Is A River also speaks to toxic relationships, and the growth that comes from healing and moving on, something we are seeing from Maddy as her character develops in Season 2.