Liza Summer

Everything You Need To Know About Mercury Retrograde

When I was younger, I never understood what people meant when they said stuff like blame it on retrograde, or it’s a retrograde season. I knew it had something to do with the planets, but I was clueless.

Fast forward a couple of years after research on the topic and a deep love for astrology, I can now buckle up to get ready for retrograde and even glide through it, thanks to my newfound knowledge.

What Is Retrograde Motion?

During a year, the planet Mercury will appear to travel in a reversed motion across the sky. The phenomenon is called Mercury retrograde and happens about three times a year. Practitioners of astrology would refer to these times of retrograde as times of confusion, frustration, and delay. Think undelivered emails, miscommunication, brain fog and electrical issues! 

These periods are known to be excellent times for self-reflection on past events and situations, as well as finding the strength to go within to resolve unhealed traumas, as intuitions are usually strong during this time.

But if we break down retrograde and look at it from an astrological approach, it becomes interesting. The planets in our solar system orbit around the Sun at different speeds and distances. While our little blue earth orbits the enormous Sun, we have a perfect view from where we can observe our neighboring planets as they move across our atmosphere.

From our perspective here on earth, it can appear that a planet like Mercury has suddenly changed course and has started to orbit in a reversed motion across our sky. This backwards motion is, however, an astronomical illusion caused by the placement of our planet to the other planets.

Planets always move in a set direction and cannot simply change courses and move backwards. For this reason, the phenomenon is called apparent retrograde motion. When we look at this phenomenon from the astrological perspective, we take a more metaphorical approach, so the “illusion” of Mercury is associated with confusion, disruption, and sudden change.

When Is Mercury in Retrograde in 2022?

During 2022, Mercury retrograde motion will be apparent throughout the following dates:

January 13th to February 3rd 

May 10th to June 2nd

September 9th to October 1st

December 28th to January 18th- 2023

These dates are not universal and are according to the Eastern Time zone of the U.S.

What is the significance and importance of understanding Retrograde from an astrological perspective?

Mercury is the planet of communication in all its forms—writing, listening, speaking, reading, and so on— actions closely linked to communications, such as disputes, negotiations, and contracts are also linked with Mercury. Mercury also rules activities, such as shipping, travel and mail. Hence, when the planet Mercury is in apparent retrograde, try to maintain a patient, understanding, and flexible mindset.

Give any travel planes extra time and look at the details of your arrangements and bookings. Avoiding signing or joining any new contracts or ventures that cause uncertainty or doubt is essential during this time. Revise and review plans and projects during these times, but remain patient until Mercury has seemingly gone direct again to make those big and final decisions.

You cannot stop or slow down your life, but with planning and preparing, you can overcome difficulty in understanding, miscommunications and mixed temperaments. 

Take Time to Reflect

Some people view Mercury retrograde as the culprit for all the miscommunication and chaos in their lives, so during retrograde periods you should review where and what you put your energy in. If family or the faith you keep is of great importance to you, ask yourself deep questions like, am I giving enough energy to the things that make me happy or satisfied?

When we lose the balance between all the different parts and aspects of our life, it can feel as though everything becomes overbearing and overwhelming. A vicious cycle can start when we may perceive the illusion that there is not enough time to do the things we want to do or accomplish the goals we set out.

Mercury retrograde could be a great time to take a few steps back and reanalyze who you are and where you’re going.

Wherever you’re heading or whomever you are becoming, remember that this is your journey, own it!