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Here’s How Every Zodiac’s Life Will Change When Saturn Enters Pisces This Week

We are finally beginning this new chapter with Saturn’s ingress in the sign of Pisces. On March 7th, 2023, Saturn enters this lovely sign. Saturn’s stay here will be until 2026, so there will be a lot of shifts for mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) as well as those folks going through their first (second, or third) Saturn Return. With this transit, there could be a lot of confusion, since Neptune is also in the same sign. However, Uranus will make a positive aspect to Saturn, which will allow us to handle surprises with much more ease on a collective level and less chaos. Saturn’s domicile is in Capricorn and Aquarius; however, in Pisces, the rigidity is not as powerful, since Pisces tends to break down structures. Our sense of direction can feel unclear. We prefer to dream or escape and not focus on the practical with Saturn in this sign. However, we experience a new groove to this planet, opening us up more to the imaginative, emotional, and romantic. Saturn in Pisces has us all dreaming big, but not creating reliable foundations. Fantasizing is fun, simple, and not as stressful. It is easy to aim for the stars and not advance with our goals during this period. Saturn in Pisces can feel tedious because it needs motivation. We are reminded to be patient and go with the flow because there will be periods of frustration and much-needed effort. See how this 2.5-year transit will impact your Rising, Sun, and Moon signs.


For the next several years, you will have to begin to learn how to build a solid foundation before Saturn enters your sign. It is a period of evaluation and understanding. Responsibilities now are part of the greater picture. Saturn grants you the time to connect to your home. It could be a time when you prefer to be alone or in private. Although you enjoy having a vibrant social life, dinner at home with friends seems more enticing than a party at a club. You could begin to hone your skills through courses that help you strengthen them before Saturn enters Aries.


Saturn in Pisces will have you develop a different relationship with the people around you. You become more discerning and more protective of those that you let in your life. During this transit, you will also start to see people praise your accomplishments because you will be forced to be more responsible. Understanding your limits and knowing when to give yourself grace is also a part of this transit. Don’t become your worst critic and learn to root for yourself.


It could feel like a radical transit as Saturn transits the peak of your chart. If you have felt lost or without an ambitious drive, you have the opportunity to make those changes now. Mars is still in your sign for just a few more weeks, allowing you to take the initiative with the goals you have in mind. Saturn tests your limits but will reward you for your patience and endurance. Make the plan and make sure to leave room for changes when necessary.


With Saturn in Pisces, the energy will allow you to put in the work and get results. You are in a period of self-discovery after the Saturn in Aquarius transit. There are tools you have created in the last 2.5 years that you will easily apply. Saturn in Pisces has you looking ahead toward your dreams. There is also a hunger to learn something new that will prove to be fruitful for school or career goals. The trine empowers and gives you the diligence to master your craft because you feel powerful.


After enduring Saturn in Aquarius, you may have uncovered a key to self-love. There is a newfound sense of appreciation and care when you think about yourself and your goals. During this time, you will value what you have to offer and know what you are worth. In romance, you will seek the energy that matches you. There is a need for quality in your life, and this includes friendships, relationships, and even material. This transit shows that you are slowly building, saving, and planning for your future.


Saturn presents you with a mirror. There is a lot of relationship energy in the works as you either consider taking the next steps in your partnership or decide to create boundaries for your next relationship. Either way, you are analyzing your connections with others. Expect some changes in your romantic life. During this transit, make sure to be honest with how you see your partners and be more open and compassionate with communication. Saturn in Pisces wants you to make good choices and not be easily influenced by the superficial when it comes to love.


Understanding how to adapt to changes could be a focus during this Saturn in Pisces transit. Saturn wants us to be prepared. If you haven’t tracked your responsibilities, you will be compelled to begin now. Organization is essential during this time to navigate new responsibilities. This Saturn transit will have you more focused on yourself. If you have not given yourself the self-care you need, Saturn will teach you how to incorporate it into your routines, especially when you feel stressed or overwhelmed.


Saturn in Pisces makes a positive aspect to your sign this time around, meaning you will be more motivated to unleash that warrior energy and claim your victories. During this Saturn transit, you may be inspired to unlock a new level of skill. You could feel flirtatious with your creative side. But it could also be a time when you slow down and reflect. Saturn wants you to ponder, take your time, and appreciate going at a slower pace in romance as well. 


As one of the mutable signs impacted, Saturn in Pisces will allow you to reflect on what you learned during your Saturn in Sagittarius transit. You could feel much more confident and prepared now, but Saturn will make a square to your sign, bringing more responsibilities and a need for balance. Learn to be there for yourself when things get overwhelming. Going slow during this time works in your favor. Try to be patient with those people in your home and at work by listening and cooperating. 


While Saturn here could feel like a surprise, you are still on your journey from your own Saturn transit, which ended a few years ago. If you feel self-doubt or unprepared, Saturn equips you to take on the world. There is a lot of focus and energy on communicating. You could see your relationships improving during this transit because Saturn wants you to develop long-lasting and deep connections.


Relief! Saturn is finally in Pisces and no longer in your sign. Nevertheless, you are embarking on a new journey where you begin to solidify all of the lessons the Saturn in Aquarius transit taught you. You are now more prepared and have more awareness even if it doesn’t seem that way now. Saturn in Pisces teaches you about fighting for your dreams and not settling for less. 


This Saturn transit pushes you to take the reins and become more comfortable taking on more responsibilities as it enters your sign. It is your moment to take on a new role. Saturn in Aquarius may have had you opting for a low-key environment. However, you are now pushed to the spotlight. With these two years, expect to develop a better relationship with yourself. Newfound confidence builds with this transit.