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Which Romance Movie Trope Makes You Swoon? (Zodiac Edition)

Aries: Secret identity

You’re a sign that probably looks for more than just romance in a romance movie. This means that your favorite trope is one that involves drama and hidden secrets. To you, the idea of a secret identity romance is extra exciting. It usually involves a main character or love interest who is hiding their identity from the other person – whether they’re secretly a billionaire, someone super famous, an online celebrity, or even a person from their past that they no longer recognize. This gives plenty of room for drama, fun, and a long road to real romance.

Taurus: Childhood sweethearts

You’re big on routine and can often be nostalgic at times, Taurus. There’s nothing cuter than seeing an on-screen couple who keeps coming back to each other at different points in their lives. For you, someone who knows the ins and outs of your personality is important; you like seeing the idea of a couple who has literally known each other for every single stage of their lives.

Gemini: First love (and second chance lovers)

You’re a little bit nostalgic, and with your large social circle, the trope of falling for someone from your past might be appealing to you. First love tropes usually involve a portion of the film dedicated to someone’s first crush, first relationship, or first short romance. But you tend to go for the movies that don’t just move on from the first love, but move back to the first love later. A main character gets the opportunity to fall in love with their first love all over again, proving that true soulmates really do exist. You’re a sucker for a sweet, fun, and sometimes bittersweet trope – depending on your mood, you can find all three in a first love or second chance romance.

Cancer: Friends to lovers

Is there any surprise that you’re a big fan of friends to lovers? You enjoy classic, innocent romance tropes – you’re big on sweet and heartwarming stories through and through. You also don’t tend to enjoy the dramatic will-they won’t-they plot line that often comes with romance movies. To you, the couple that gently transitions from best friends to partners is always the most swoon-worthy romance.

Leo: The love triangle

A lot of people hate love triangles. But for someone who loves attention and drama, there’s probably nothing you enjoy more than watching all the drama of a main character who has two love interests to choose from. You probably have a good methodology for figuring out who the main character is going to end up with – but you still love every second of the romance mystery.

Virgo: Pretending to date

You’re not normally a person who enjoys drama, but you can definitely get a kick of out romances that involve secret relationships. The dating-not-dating trope follows a couple who has to pretend to date for one reason or another…but actually ends up falling in love. Usually there are plenty of side love interests and funny ways the ruse almost comes to light – and your attention to detail means you’ll enjoy trying to pick up on all the ways the pretend relationship is about to be revealed…Until they actually start dating, of course.

Libra: Forbidden love

Hear this one out, Libra! In your daily life, you’re interested in fairness and doing what’s right. But when you need to unwind, your guilty pleasure might just be the forbidden love trope. It’s fun trying to watch two people come together when circumstances say otherwise. You like the idea of a love that can defy all odds. For you, you might even find a sweet sense of justice in forbidden loves where a couple is able to unite two families, places, or friend groups through the sheer power of romance.

Scorpio: Enemies to lovers

Your sign is always going to fall for the classic enemies to lovers trope. Not only are you a big fan of these dramatic storylines, your very own sign enjoys getting to know someone slowly. As someone who has a hard time trusting people, it’s romantic for you to think about a relationship that goes from hate to love as two people get to know each other over a long period of time.

Sagittarius: Soulmates or destined lovers

You’re kind of a secret romantic at heart, Sagittarius! You really love the idea of someone who comes to you and seems to know everything about you; a soulmate who is made for you and only you. That’s why you love the soulmate romance trope. Not only are they often involved in a grand adventure or larger plot, there’s also the comfort of watching an on-screen romance that believes in complete, true love. 

Capricorn: Meet-cutes

You’re a big planner, Capricorn, but you love to enjoy a romance trope that’s entirely coincidental. It’s a nice idea that the perfect person can fall right into your lap, and you’re a sucker for trope-y meet-cutes in romance movies. Whether it’s two people colliding with each other in a hallway and dropping all their papers or the future couple that reaches for the same book in a library, you’re a sucker for the plot that shows two people really can stumble across each other at the right time.

Aquarius: Supernatural romance

You’re a sucker for romance tropes that involve all the classic supernatural beings – vampires, elves, maybe even werewolves. You’re interested in the quirky and in the unique; a lot of these films explore quirky traits by displaying them in characters that aren’t entirely human. This makes for an interesting romance to you, and you might even like watching the idea of a regular human getting to fall in love with the supernatural.

Pisces: Fairytales

You’re a big fan of the fairytale romance, Pisces. You want a love-at-first-sight story that has a happy ending. You love traditional fairytales that feature timeless, classic romance stories that everyone knows. You don’t mind if things are predictable or even a little sappy – for you, that’s the best kind of romance.