Ilya Komov

Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From 2021’s New Moon In Scorpio

The New Moon will be in the sign of Scorpio on November 4th, 2021, and it will impact the collective for the next six months. With the square to Saturn, this can feel intense, with periods of loneliness and frustration, but it can also give us some insights reminding us to bring some positivity and happiness whenever we can. This is a time to restructure and plan. Although it can feel like a tug of war with emotions, Saturn can bring us back to the cold reality, and it can be enlightening to know that practical solutions can motivate us to move forward. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon signs.


This Moon taps into the depths of your psyche. It can feel stressful for you as it unearths things you would have preferred to keep tucked away. Just remember during this time that you have the power to overcome any obstacle.


Pay more attention to your relationships during this transit, since you can experience a fluctuation in those circles. This Moon can reflect a period of endings as well as beginnings. You will encounter new people that can change your life and might cut cords with others.


Expect to see a lot more motivation during this time. Mars is also here, pushing you to find new ways to be more efficient. You can see more tasks building up for you either at school or work, since authority figures might take notice. Continue to do the work.


With the Moon in Scorpio, you will have a moment of nostalgia, piecing together the past relationships to move forward. This is your moment to forgive yourself and allow the healing energy to help you move on. Let go of the chains of the past.


Changes are in effect with this energy, and this Moon will have you bringing the focus on your goals and dreams. It all begins with creating a solid foundation at home. The next six months to come will be defining for you and will bring you a lot of opportunities.


The dynamics you are accustomed to at work might see a major shift with this New Moon energy establishing some new rules. You might feel the urge to redo and perfect things to your heart’s content for the next six months. Just remember to give yourself time to recharge when things get challenging.


You are going to be more appreciative of yourself during this transit. The Moon reminds you of your strength and ability to endure. Scorpio season allows you to get focused and bring back that self-care and healing energy into your life.


This month is already kicking things off with such a powerful transit. It’s a period of much needed self-discovery since Saturn has brought in some challenges this year. If you have lacked the motivation, you are in for a time of rekindling your passions, thanks to Mars in your sign. 


While this transit can feel challenging for you, it is yet another reminder to be kind to yourself. You are going to feel a lot more connected to your dreams during this time, and they can serve as inspirations for any creative blocks you have faced. Remember to be diligent in your projects and focus on starting and completing them. This is also a good time to collaborate with others.


Expect to see some friends appearing during this time, bringing you some motivation. You can also experience recognition at work for all the good work you have been doing. This transit can feel easy for you, as you learn from your experiences and understand how to be more efficient.


As a fixed sign, you have endured this year but these lessons are allowing you to transform and find your inner power. The New Moon can put you in center stage, but you know how to handle this. Your hard work will be noticed by teachers and bosses during this time.


This is a lovely transit for water signs, as it allows you all to find courage and power. This energy will push you to learn more and dive into discovering topics you may have been curious about. This can feel like a spiritual transit, unlocking new modes of thinking that will strengthen you.