Genor Chiomento

Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect When Neptune Goes Direct In 2021

Neptune will be direct on December 1st after being retrograde since June 25th in the sign of Pisces. Mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius) might have felt this transit strongest as these Neptune transits have reshaped them on deeper levels. Neptune is the planet of illusion, and during retrograde motion, we might have seen something come to light. During this retrograde phase, we should learn from the lessons and make sure not to repeat the same mistakes. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon signs.


You’ll get lots of rest during this transit. It is a time of self-discovery and building the foundations needed before Neptune enters your sign. During this time, you might prefer to be more private and not to disclose details about yourself to the world. This is your time to connect with yourself on another level. However, make sure to still connect with others to help you find strength.


During these Neptune transits, you might have seen some people for who they are during the retrograde period from earlier this year. You are wiser and more aware now of who you know and what to expect from other people you meet moving forward.


Neptune transits are a reminder to keep our feet firmly on the ground and not let our thoughts let us get carried away. Don’t be impulsive when it comes to making decisions. As this planet goes direct, make sure to make choices and be logical about them when it comes to your future.


These Neptune transits might have inspired you to learn more about new philosophies that have shaped your ideology. As the planet goes direct, you might focus more on yourself and be guided to read more about topics that relate to your personal growth. 


This is a transit that will be a lot about the psyche and piecing together parts of that past that might have made you feel stuck. Neptune retrograde has shown you tools to empower yourself and to let go. As this planet goes direct, you are going to be much wiser and stronger.


One of the more important things for you during this time is to be able to express yourself to friends or partners. You might tend to keep things bottled up which could confuse those around you. Neptune direct will allow you to communicate better with those you love and to express yourself honestly.


A focus on yourself and your organizational skills will be important during this time. Neptune might cloud your vision, so the retrograde period taught you how to make stricter plans and how to stick to them. As this planet goes direct, you will be able to apply those newfound lessons with more ease.


As this planet stations direct, you will be able to have more clarity when it comes to your relationships. If you have seen someone through rose-colored glasses, the illusions will shatter for now. Learn to see someone for who they are and don’t try to sugarcoat it.


With this period, you will be able to see how much you have transformed as well as changes to your home environment. Neptune retrograde sheds some light on your beliefs, goals, and dreams. As this planet station directs it is your time to evaluate things in detail.


During this transit, you have learned how to be more patient when it comes to speaking to others and discussing your own life. Neptune direct offers you periods of reflection where you can contemplate new ways to improve your communication with others.


As you continue to power through your Saturn transit, Neptune might present a nebulous way in your approach to how you value yourself and possessions. With the planet stationing direct, evaluate your relationship with others as well as your boundaries.


The way you have been viewing yourself for the last several years has shown you different aspects. As Neptune goes direct, you will need to reflect on yet another aspect of yourself and come to terms with it. Who are you to the world?