Here’s What Every Zodiac Sign Can Expect When Jupiter Goes Direct

Jupiter is going direct on the 18th and we are all in for a ride that will transform us for the next six months. With many planets going direct this month, we can feel more clarity and a sense of purpose. Most of us have encountered the shifts that both the Saturn and Jupiter transits have brought. However, these changes have allowed us to be more understanding and knowledgeable now compared to six months ago. When Jupiter was in Pisces, we experienced more optimism, but in Aquarius, we see more practicality, since Saturn is also in this sign. Now we can prepare to go in a new direction as Jupiter makes its last run in the sign of Aquarius and will change back to Pisces at the end of the year. Our focus will move from the practical to the spiritual.  See how the inspirational Jupiter will impact your rising, sun and moon signs.


Jupiter brings the perfect opportunity to heal those relationships that might have been on tough terms right now. This is a good time to forgive and move forward. As Saturn provides the practical approach to work and socializing, Jupiter direct will make you more relaxed and easy-going.


During this time, you will feel a lot more comfortable making powerful moves that will allow you to move forward in your desired path. Jupiter direct provides you with clarity and answers you have been seeking during the last six months. Start the plans now for fruitful periods ahead.


Your ideologies are shifting during this time, but you are also feeling a lot of rewards from the discipline that Saturn is providing as well. You can begin to take on the courses you have desired to incorporate into your schedule. Jupiter will also help a lot of college students decide with the major that would like to take for the future.


The dynamic at work can feel a little harsh, but with Jupiter now direct, you will see more peaceful times with superiors and coworkers. Jupiter direct brings new perspective and clarity. Frustrations you have encountered over the last six months begin to slowly fade away.


Continuous changes to your relationships as Jupiter direct will have you reconnecting with those you stopped talking to sometime during this year. Your romantic relationship can see a shift, and if you are single, you have ample opportunity to meet someone. Consider the types of relationships you need in your life and those you can simply let go of.


Expect to see things flowing a little better now that Jupiter is direct because you are ready to take on the world. When this planet was retrograde, you probably felt out of place or tired. Now you can get your priorities in order as you feel more focused and prepared. This is a time where you will be inspired to work hard and earn more.


As we continue to enjoy Libra season, Jupiter direct will make quite a positive aspect to your sign. This can make you feel a lot more motivated, confident, and lucky. A reminder that Mars is already in your sign, giving you that go-getter spirit. A lot can be accomplished now as you continue to feel on top of the world.


Consider this period a good time to give yourself a moment to consider your own self-care routines. Jupiter direct will make home a more inviting place where you will be able to relax and enjoy being present in the moment. You could even consider making some decor changes that can bring you more happiness.


You are a lot more comfortable now with what you present and how you communicate now that Jupiter is direct. If you have worked on something and gave up on this project, now is the time to revisit it, especially with Mercury currently Retrograde. Friendships take on a deeper meaning during this transit as well.


Changes in the way you view yourself and material wealth will continue to transform as Jupiter goes direct. During this time, you have the understanding you need to make fruitful plans relating to the future you envision and the career path you want to take. You are making yourself a priority during this time.


Because Jupiter is in your sign, this transit will impact you the most in a positive way. You can begin to feel more confident, knowledgeable, and prepared. Saturn is teaching you the discipline needed and Jupiter is bringing wisdom. Consider the challenges you have faced as well as the transformations that this year has brought to you.


With the power of this transit, you can begin to feel a little more optimistic about what the future will bring. You have already experienced the energy of Jupiter in your sign, and now that this planet is direct, you can begin to face obstacles with more clarity and courage.