Here’s What Kind Of Boyfriend You Are, Based On Your Birth Order

First Born

A boyfriend who is the oldest of his siblings is absolutely an alpha male. He’s the guy who is used to taking charge of any and every situation and be the stereotypical “man” of the house. He has a “get it done” kind of attitude and is absolutely not afraid to stand up for himself or the people he cares about in any situation.

When a first born son is in a relationship all of these caretaker/dominating traits come into play. He’s the boyfriend who is defending his S.O.’s honor, jumping to their defense, fixing what needs to be fixed, and just generally making sure that they are always okay. His alpha inclinations can sometimes turn him into a headstrong, domineering person. He’s a big personality and definitely has a lot of opinions (and isn’t afraid to let you know.) A first born boyfriend needs a partner with a personality to rival his, or he’ll just end up unchallenged and ultimately bored.

Somewhere In The Middle

Middle children are the most competitive of the siblings to be around. Dating a middle child pretty much guarantees that you will be in a cyclical state of “race ya!”s, “I bet I can do that”s, and other competitions you didn’t even know existed. Middle children (especially guys) grew up having to compete for their parent’s attention and that competitive nature never really goes away.

When you date a guy who is a middle child, you’re dating a guy who has grown up fearful of being perpetually placed in someone else’s shadow. Guys who are middle children are very afraid of the idea of not being enough. They want to be your everything, your favorite, your one and only. A middle child doesn’t just want to be a top pick, he wants to be the only pick.


Guys who are the youngest in their family are the quintessential “fun boyfriend.” They are full of big ideas and crazy antics that come with little to no planning. And they always expect you’ll just go along with it because their silliness and eccentricities have never really been questioned from anyone. They are the boyfriends who will want someone to bungee jump with them, shark dive with them, buy a dive bar with them, basically do random impulsive and potentially fun activities with them because it sparks their interest at that time.

Because guys who are the youngest tend to be a little impulsive and all over the place, they also tend to be a little ADD. When you date a guy who is the youngest, you’re always a little bit worried that he never knows what he wants. He needs someone incredibly leveled and balanced to offshoot his impulsivity. He basically needs someone to make him want to sit still for a change.


Twins are notoriously difficult to get to know. They’ve grown up with someone who inherently and unquestionably understands them, gets them, and automatically sees their side. So when/if they encounter someone who is not a twin and doesn’t understand that bond, they have a hard time opening up and seeing eye to eye with them.

Dating a man who is also a twin is hard, because you have to find his identity outside of being a twin that ALSO doesn’t completely pigeonhole him. You have to be able to form a relationship with him that transcends his relationship with his twin, while still respecting that bond. Dating a twin is not going to be easy, but it will absolutely be worth it in the long run. All of the best challenges are.

Only Child

Only children have grown up in a bizarre world where they were expected to be kids, but also behave as if they were mini adults. Because of this they are kind of little tornados waiting to happen. They are incredibly intelligent and articulate, but also want to make sure you KNOW they know how to have fun. Dating a guy who’s an only child is kind of like dating someone with dual personalities. He’s really eloquent and composed before 7 PM, but come 7:01 he’s ready to GO.

It’s not all rage, gauge, and reevaluate though. Seriously dating an only child means just that. You’re serious. They’re so used to to idea that they should try new things, test all of the options, that once a guy who’s an only child find an option that fits — he’s serious about it. Only children are very all or nothing. They either want to be non-descript, or you’re their everything. There’s kind of no in between.