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Here’s What To Text Back If He Asks You To ‘Hang Out,’ According To A Dating Coach

Dating. Ugh. While it’s wonderful to fall in love and have a lasting romantic relationship, it’s the process of just getting there that can gut you and leave you wasting away in disappointment and self-pity. Dating apps, the talking phase–it doesn’t exactly make any of us excited for the process. Even worse is when a guy says something vague that ends up creating a minefield of doubt and confusion. That something? “Do you want to hang out?” It’s a terrible question that leaves so many of us with little question marks floating in circles above our heads. But a TikTok dating coach has an answer that just might make you come out on top.

Why “Let’s hang out” sucks so much.

Those two words. “Hang out.” What do they even mean? And that confusion is why some men use the phrase. They want you to decide what you are. Or, even worse, they want to keep you confused because they themselves either don’t know what they want, or don’t want to admit that all they want is sex without any feelings or commitment. It’s the kind of vagueness that so many bare minimum men love. (And strong women hate.)

How do you feel when you get this text? If you’re cool with “hanging out,” by all means, go along with it. But if all that phrase does is make you confused, here’s how to handle it

Here’s what you should text back.

You’ve been chatting with a guy through texts or dating apps, and he sends you this text:

Hey, wanna hang out?

Rather than just saying yes, TikTok dating coach @benjamindaly suggests you send this text instead:

If it’s a date, sure. Let me know where and when. 🙂

It’s so simple and so perfect at the same time. With “if it’s a date,” you’re stating your intentions that you’re looking for something more serious. You’re also telling him that you aren’t interesting in getting together if it isn’t more defined. No vagueness for you!

The “Let me know where and when” puts it back on him to put in the effort of making it a real date, and the smiley face softens the message (because we all know how fragile some male egos are.)

The next time a guy asks you to hang out, try this text response and see how it goes.

Watch the full TikTok.

Check out the TikTok below to see the advice straight from @benjamindaly: