Highly Valuable Advice For Young People From Adults 50+

Highly Valuable Advice For Young Hearts From Adults 50+

“Stop thinking your life is about being the most productive person you can be. Find interesting hobbies that make you feel good and are good for you. Your soul deserves to experience some of your own dreams, don’t waste all of your time working towards the dreams of your company’s owners.” — Boxing_day_maddness

“Fear of the future makes you ignore the present, causing you to make errors now that you will regret doing in the past. If you pay attention to the right now (mindfulness, basically), you don’t make as many errors, hence you regret the past less, and no longer fear the future. Break the cycle.” — scrubjays

“Two things I will be eternally grateful to my grandfather for instilling in me: Failure is not an end state unless it is where you choose to stop. He loved to quote that line by Churchill whenever something didn’t work out for me, Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. Also, honesty is the most powerful tool you can use to define yourself. Admit your mistake, frankly and honestly. The truth always comes out in the end no matter how big or small and it doesn’t get better with age. You can give back something you steal, you can help those you hurt, but once they brand you a liar, it’s all you will ever be.” — iskandar-

“Nobody else ever thinks about the things you did that you think were embarrassing or cringeworthy. You are not important to them. The only one who remembers those moments are you, and you shouldn’t let them define you.” — Rune_Council

“Live your life while you have energy and fewer commitments. And even when things aren’t stellar, it is all life experiences and usually a nugget among the shit.” — Timely_Egg_6827

Every skill takes determined practice to master. I see my young friends/relatives try, and give up on so many things because ‘they weren’t very good at it.’ If you keep doing that, you’ll never be very good at anything.” — EarhornJones

“Work hard at your job but also keep your ear open to other fields or jobs that can offer a better future. Success takes time, lots of time. Make sure that you see a path to a comfortable future.” — PlantationCane

“Get off social media. Maybe not entirely, but take it off your mobile devices. Maybe log on when you’re sitting at a laptop; otherwise it just rots your brain. Whether it destroys your attention span, misrepresents how awesome other’s lives are, or just pigeonholes you into an echo chamber, it does no good.” — AmigoDelDiabla

“Putting things off to do when you’re older very likely means you’ll end up not doing it.” — Lingering_Dorkness

“Know that it’s a much smaller percentage than you think of people who care about how you look or what you wear. People will remember your kindness and have no idea what you were wearing when you were kind.” — janr34