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Horoscope For Today: Saturday, April 6, 2024

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Today’s astrological weather is emotionally reactive, to say the least, with stelliums in both sensitive Pisces and hotheaded Aries. The collective is likely to act on impulse rather than reason, especially in the earlier hours of the morning when the moon in Pisces hovers close to Mars, the planet associated with war and destruction.

At 1:08 AM EST, these planets make an exact conjunction at 11°, a degree associated with Aquarius. Many people will feel the compulsion to speak out about issues that impact their local and global community, but the Neptunian softness of this particular moon transit makes it a better day for activism through artistic means.

Those who are naturally creative will feel more motivated to take action on projects they are passionate about, though it’s not recommended to start anything brand new while Mercury is still retrograde. Right now, the messenger planet is sitting at 26° of Aries.

At 6:11 AM, the moon will also make a significant conjunction with Saturn. This provides a welcome relief from the intensity and does take the edge slightly off, with the only caveat that emotions might feel blunted or repressed. Maturity and common sense overpowers emotion at this point and puts the drama on a backburner, or at least provides you with the stability required to resolve it in a healthy and constructive way.

Look to news headlines very early this morning for evidence of the moon and Saturn linking up: restrictions surrounding motherhood and reproduction are likely to be amplified, and if you are a mother yourself, you might find a stronger sense of maternal responsibility.

Last but certainly not least, Pluto and Venus form a harmonious sextile today: the former at 1° of Aquarius, the latter at 1° of Aries. This powerful energy lends great potential for innovation and revolution, especially on a global scale.

On the other hand, it spells danger for romantic affairs that are already rocky. Pluto comes to destroy everything in its path, while Venus keeps everything in perfect harmony. When the two form a positive aspect, toxic relationships end and balance is restored. If you have been fighting for your freedom, today is the day.

What does all of this mean for you personally? Read your horoscope below in accordance with your rising sign, rather than your sun sign, for the most specific and accurate review.


You may feel more emotionally raw than usual today, with the moon making conjunctions with both Mars and Saturn in your twelfth house. Your dream landscape might be especially vivid, and upon waking you might struggle to get going, feeling moody or introspective. You’ll likely prefer to stay in today, avoiding the company of acquaintances and potentially feeling disconnected from your social group. Despite your characteristic bluntness, you might feel as though you struggle to convey your emotions in words today, so search for a creative pursuit or compile a playlist of sad songs to get more deeply in touch with your feelings. Meanwhile, Pluto in your eleventh house makes a sextile to Venus in your first house, putting you in an awkward but ultimately positive position: should you sacrifice some unfulfilling friendships for the sake of your own freedom? This is the time to put yourself first.


The moon-Mars conjunction in your eleventh house reflects tension and conflict within your larger social community, while the moon-Saturn conjunction later on in the morning provides an opportunity to stabilize and resolve whatever issues have been plaguing you. At the very least, you’ll be capable of prioritizing your own psychological health over interpersonal drama. You could have a productive day despite the challenges, as long as you tune out the negative and instead focus on forging ahead—for your own sake. As Pluto in your tenth house makes a sextile to Venus in your twelfth, some of you may feel compelled to take a step back from the intense work schedule you’ve had going on for the past several months. You’ve been gaining accolades and growing your platform a mile a minute, but your mental health has been suffering as a result. Today might bring an inciting moment that causes you to rethink your priorities.


Your career and reputation are spotlighted today, and you can anticipate some obstacles and hurdles, what with the moon making conjunctions with both Mars and Saturn. These malefic planets are here to help us grow through hardships, becoming stronger versions of ourselves. Your emotions might take a hit if, say, you get in a disagreement with a colleague or your boss disapproves of the direction you are taking a project, but you will become more thick-skinned as a result of these challenges. Meanwhile, many of you have been finding it difficult to balance your ideological convictions with your social life, transforming and outgrowing friends who no longer align with your self-perceived mission in life. Pluto in your ninth house will form a sextile with Venus in your eleventh, shaking things up dramatically and giving you a chance to walk away from individuals and situations who no longer serve you spiritually.


Today you are spiritually attuned, noticing every angel number as you make your way through the mundane daily grind. There’s a kind of mystery and magic about the world on those days the moon transits your ninth house, but this morning it makes two conjunctions: with Mars and Saturn, planets that notably shake things up a bit. You may face hostility, interruptions, or delays regarding your plans to study abroad, convert to a new religious practice, or travel somewhere long-distance. Sit it out and wait. You have to make the mature choice right now and pursue the path that is actually best for your soul purpose, rather than the one that seems the most exciting at the moment. Meanwhile, Pluto in your eighth house forms a sextile to Venus in your tenth, potentially bringing a stroke of good financial fortune your way—even if the circumstances aren’t what anyone would consider ideal. Think inheritances, not winning lottery tickets. This will be a breakthrough, but at the cost of something you hold dear.


You typically light up every room you enter, but today, with the moon hanging out in your eighth house, you’ll feel uncharacteristically moody, craving solitude more than social time. Use this energy to your advantage to engage in some shadow work or schedule a therapy appointment. When the moon makes a conjunction with Mars, you might feel triggered and lash out at the wrong person. Avoid saying things you might regret once the heat of the moment has faded. Later, when the moon is conjunct with Saturn, you’ll gain mastery of your emotions and commit to getting shit done, no matter how difficult the tasks at hand may seem. Meanwhile, your relationships get destabilized as Pluto in your seventh house sextiles Venus in your ninth; if you have been struggling to see eye-to-eye with your lover or business partner regarding your cultural, religious, or ideological beliefs, this may be the breakdown that leads to a breakthrough. If you are not aligned, it might just be time to part ways and find someone more suitable for you.


With the moon in your seventh house, your relationships—both business and romantic—are at the forefront of your mind, taking priority over everything else. The moon’s conjunction with Mars indicates conflicts with someone you deeply care about, but it will be just as quickly resolved when, later, the moon makes a conjunction with responsible and practical Saturn. Any arguments will be solved quickly and maturely, just as you like them to be. Just be cautious not to say anything you can’t take back. There are no second chances and your words, as a mercurial, hold extreme power—especially during Mercury retrograde. Meanwhile, Pluto in your sixth house forms a sextile to Venus in your eighth, suggesting that a big, dramatic shakeup to your daily habits is coming—one that provides you with the chance to increase the amount of money you make in your sleep. You might decide you wish to earn more passive income by starting a side hustle. Others will receive an inheritance that enables them to take a creative sabbatical for a year. The world is your oyster. Regardless, the transformation might come with some growing pains.


Today you are consumed by workaholism and capable of getting up bright and early to head to the gym. It might be the weekend, but you’re in full swing, since the moon is transiting your sixth house. Don’t sleep in; get up and seize the day. The moon will make two important conjunctions early this morning, first with Mars, when you’ll be at your most physically and mentally powerful, and then with Saturn, when you’ll feel more motivated to accomplish tasks that are a bit more tedious. That is to say, get your workout done before filing your taxes. Meanwhile, Pluto and Venus make a sextile with your fifth and seventh houses, respectively. This places you in the ideal cosmic climate to make a short-term affair into something more serious. Some of you might get engaged or married today, with energy that reflects a major transformation in relationship status. If you’re single and happy that way, this might indicate the beginnings of an exciting new collaboration with a business partner. Trust that your ideas will inevitably reach the right audience. You just need to start chasing your dreams.


You’re likely to be on a creative and romantic high today, with the moon in your fifth house, but when it makes conjunctions with Mars and Saturn at different points in the morning, it is likely to disrupt and place restrictions surrounding your flights of fancy. Don’t get too carried away or indulge in too much escapism right now, as you might not be able to differentiate between your intuition and your paranoia. You’re capable of misinterpreting actions right now, especially if they appear hostile, and you might wish to fight back, but what you will receive is a healthy dose of responsibility when Saturn tames your tongue. Meanwhile, Pluto in your fourth house will form a sextile with Venus in your sixth, seismically shifting the way you balance your work and home lives. Some of you may require home repairs today and end up falling behind on your household chores as a result of the interruption, while others will receive word that they have to relocate for work. Whatever news comes your way, face it with a sense of humor. Everything turns out okay in the end.


Your domestic sphere is calling you today, with the moon transiting your fourth house and giving you the green light to stay in. The moon’s conjunction with Mars may trigger arguments around the house—or with your family, no matter how far away they might physically live. Refuse to engage. When the moon forms its second conjunction of the day with Saturn, you will be forced to take responsibility for your own actions and put up boundaries between you and others who are standing in the way of your path. Your physical surroundings are also shaken up by unruly neighbors or siblings, and you can thank Pluto for that: it’s forming a sextile with Venus from your third house to your fifth house. There won’t be much fun to be had as you try to grapple with a sudden change to your immediate environment, and you can expect some delays with your creative goals today thanks to distractions and disruptions from an external source. Do your best to take everything as it comes, even if it seems irritating at the time.


Your local community is important to you today, with the moon in your third house, but you can nonetheless expect potential arguments with aggressive neighbors or annoying siblings. This is due to the moon-Mars conjunction; later, the moon-Saturn conjunction will lend you some of your characteristic authority and you’ll be able to wield your power in a tactful way to ensure no one else ignores your boundaries. If you have a dispute, you’re likely to resolve it quickly. On the bright side, Pluto’s sextile with Venus takes place in your second and fourth houses, respectively, providing the perfect opportunity to reap some financial rewards. However, it might happen in a pretty chaotic way, such as finding out you’re going to have to sell your house right now, instead of in five years like you’d planned. Some of you may find yourselves taking over your family businesses due to an unexpected crisis. You can handle whatever gets thrown at you.


Money is on your mind with the moon in your second house, and if you’ve chosen today to start a new job or meet with a financial advisor, you may find it to be a challenging morning with a rocky start. This is due to the moon-Mars conjunction that occurs early on, but fortunately, when the moon conjoins with Saturn, you will find your emotions easier to manage. No one loves thinking (or talking) about their finances, but it is a necessary evil; you’ll have to grin and bear it, using as much maturity and responsibility as you can muster. This is no time to excuse your overspending as being “bad at adulting.” Pluto in your first house is getting ready to transform your identity inside and out, and its sextile to Venus in your third will bring a community of fiery, passionate people into your fold. You need support right now as you begin showing up in the world as a more assertive and confident individual. Your words have some bite to them now, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes the most loving thing to say is the harsh truth.


Get ready for an action-packed day, with a stellium in your first house—and two conjunctions between the moon: first with Mars, and later with Saturn. Be careful to avoid physical injuries early this morning during the moon-Mars conjunction; some of you will suffer minor cuts and scrapes, but more than likely, you’ll experience this transit as an emotional or psychological wounding. Don’t allow others to get the best of you and react according to your emotions; take some time for yourself and wait for the moon-Saturn conjunction to lend some practical tactfulness to your words. Meanwhile, Pluto in your twelfth house forms a sextile to Venus in your second, promising that you can begin to profit from trauma. For those of you with histories of addiction and recovery, it might be time to go public with your story. The benefits outweigh the risks, in this case, but only do so if you feel it is truly in your best interest.