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Horoscope For Today: Sunday, December 10, 2023

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After a conjunction in the late evening hours last night, Venus and the moon drift further apart this morning. The moon, however, remains in the sign of Scorpio all day, adding a moodier atmosphere to what is otherwise a day charged with energy. Mars and the sun remain close in Sagittarius, encouraging us to take action towards our biggest dreams.

Venus’ exact opposition to Jupiter on the Scorpio-Taurus axis lends a strangely romantic quality to the day, although this transit can also magnify obsession, stalking, and paranoia surrounding your relationships. Depending on the placements in your birth chart (and your partner’s), you might experience this as erotic, if it’s constrained in a healthy way, or overwhelming and unwanted. Be cautious of who might be lurking on burner accounts today.

Despite the shadowy Scorpionic energy today, there is a beneficial aspect between two major placements in earth signs today. Mercury in Capricorn closely trines Jupiter in Taurus, making this a great day for communication, especially regarding business and money matters. Get all of this out of the way before the holidays so you can rest a bit more easily in the coming weeks.

How will today manifest for you, based on your rising sign? Look no further.


While you’re eager to move into action today, you’re held back by the heavy influence of the moon in your eighth house of other people’s finances and taboo subject matter. Venus situated here, opposite your second house, amplifies the potential for frank discussions about money with your partner. Yes, this means that uncomfortable secrets might be revealed. In general, your partner may be more difficult to reach today, psychologically and emotionally, which will complicate matters. However, the beautiful trine between Mercury in your tenth house and Jupiter in your second means you just might have no choice but to sign important documents today.


Today is all about romance and partnership, whether you like it or not. You’ll struggle to balance your own sense of individuality with who you are in your closest relationships, as the moon and Venus in your seventh house highlight them and Jupiter in your first house demands the attention swing back around to you. It will be a challenging way to feel autonomous and find alone time, but Mercury in your ninth house forms a trine to Jupiter, lending a jolt of creativity to you and lighting up your spiritual life in a bold way. It’s also an excellent time to plan a trip, if you are so inclined. Journal your feelings today or book that plane ticket before you lose your nerve.


The moon and Venus in your sixth house of daily routine and work will bring a sense of urgency to wrap up the weekend and get back into the swing of things (especially if you’re harboring a work crush), but your mental energy might not exactly match your physical stamina. This is due to Jupiter’s opposition in your twelfth house of sleep and the unconscious. This need not be a frustrating experience, as you are a quick-witted type who prefers intellectual stimulation anyway. Consider staying in today and reading a book or article about something that will challenge your ideals and really get you thinking hard about what you believe. With Mercury in your eighth house of taboo trining Jupiter, you might find the answers you’re looking for during meditation or free-writing.


Today is about as light and romantic as it could possibly get for you, with the moon and Venus in your fifth house of pleasure and joy. The opposition to Jupiter in your eleventh house of larger social groups makes it the ideal day to get out of the house and go explore. If you’re single, wander around an art museum or go to a coffee shop by yourself. If you’re happily partnered, today is the day to shut off your phones and go on a drive into the countryside for a romantic day together. Mercury in your seventh house of long-term relationships forming a harmonious trine to Jupiter will make others naturally more communicative and talkative. Everyone will be drawn to you today. Just be sure you use your intuition and don’t trust everything people tell you about themselves. The downside to exuding charm means others in your sphere can become intimidated and overly possessive.


Venus joining forces with the moon in your fourth house of domestic affairs ensures that you’ll be enjoying your personal space this Sunday. If you have no reason to leave the house, you probably won’t want to. With the opposition to Jupiter in your tenth house, though, you might find your phone blowing up or your boss throwing demands at you. Mercury trining Jupiter in your sixth house of work only further emphasizes this: you might have to field a few emails flagged “important.” Hang in there and try not to let your ego run the show today.


Your third house of siblings, extended family, and short-term travel are occupied by the moon and Venus today, adding a pleasant energy to the day. This is the ideal day to visit relatives for a holiday get-together. Communication with your family and neighbors will be easier than usual, and the topics of discussion might surprise you; if conversation is usually light and festive this time of year, they might take on a new spiritual depth today. The trine to Mercury in your fifth house of children, fun, and pleasure makes this the perfect day to see younger cousins, nieces, and nephews.


Your money axis is lit up today, with Venus and the moon in your second house opposing Jupiter in your eighth. This means that you’re not just going to be discussing your own finances; you’re gonna be talking about your partner’s, too. If you’re newly engaged, you might be focused on the not-so-exciting parts of wedding planning, such as budgeting—or you and your partner might decide to get stricter with your daily spending habits in the new year. Secrets you’re keeping from each other are bound to come out now, so it’s better to approach difficult conversations about money with complete honesty. Mercury in your fourth house forming a trine to Jupiter ensures that whatever happens will lead to expansion in your home life. If you’re looking to buy a house or move to a larger location, this might be the day you start putting those plans into motion.


Not only is the moon in your first house of identity, lending you a more open and honest aura, but Venus is hanging out there, too. You’ll be the most attractive and sensual person in the room today, but the opposition to Jupiter could place a target on your back. There’s strong potential for people to get a little too attached today, so be wary of exes sliding in the DMs, strangers whose flirtations are a little too forward, and unusual accounts following you on social media. Be proactive and trust the vibes; if something feels off, it probably is. Mercury is exalted in your third house trining Jupiter in your seventh, so the good news is that your partner or best friend will likely step in and handle the situation for you. Today you can expect a solid wall of protection from those who love you the most in the world.


This is a passionate and powerful day for you to do dream work, with the moon and Venus both hovering in your twelfth house of the subconscious. If you wake up with a strange dream lingering, take the time to look up the symbolism. You’ll be torn between the longing to indulge in fantasy and to get things done around the house, thanks to the opposition to Jupiter in your sixth house of daily habits and routine. Find balance by listening to an interesting podcast while you fold laundry. Mercury in your second house of finances and values might bring you a surprise windfall, whether it’s a few extra coins under your couch cushions or a text from your boss regarding an upcoming promotion. Celebrate your blessings, no matter how small they are.


You’ll be more than happy to get out of the house and socialize today, with the moon and Venus in your eleventh house of friendship and networking, so don’t turn down that invite to brunch. The opposition to Jupiter in your fifth house might mean an ex is unexpectedly among the crowd, or your attention is distracted by your latest situationship. Regardless, you’ll likely find it to be an enjoyable experience. Mercury in your first house trining Jupiter will make you especially communicative and fun today. If your friends typically have to force you to loosen up and chill with the workaholism, they’ll be happy to see that you’re in a more talkative mood today. Just don’t take the gossip too far.


It will be hard to avoid the attention today, since the moon and Venus are both highlighting your tenth house of career and reputation. Even if you’re at home, curled up on the couch in your lazy weekend wear, you can expect to be fighting off the figurative paparazzi. If you’re building your platform online, today is likely to be the day things start kicking off; you might see a video go unexpectedly viral, or old content could get reposted by someone highly influential. Keep in mind that, with Jupiter in hard opposition, this could go one of two ways: you could become the next big thing on TikTok, or you could get canceled for something you said in the privacy of your own home five years ago. Mercury in your twelfth house of secrets, forming a trine to Jupiter, amplifies the potential of this. Be careful of who you trust with the most intimate details of your life. You might be forced to learn a hard lesson.


Today your thoughts will be solidly focused on the bigger picture, with the moon and Venus transiting through your ninth house of expansion, spirituality, and long-distance travel. Jupiter in your third, however, will inevitably cause friction as it stands in opposition and keeps you rooted to your family and place of origin. You may find yourself blindsided with a change to holiday travel plans. Conflicts could arise between you and your partner, especially if they had every intention of spending a cozy Christmas in the city with you rather than hightailing it back to your hometown. Ask your friends for their opinion before you lash out at anyone. With Mercury in your eleventh house of social groups, you’ll get good advice and support from your network.