Josh Hild

Horoscope For Today: Thursday, April 11, 2024

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Our identity is becoming stronger. Therefore, our tolerance is dipping when superficial obstacles arise. We can’t help but say it how it is or do what we need to do. Instincts jump out before our minds can play games or plant seeds of doubt. A Mercury cazimi lights up our consciousness today. This celestial event occurs when Mercury exactly conjuncts, or blends energy, within the same degree as the Sun. 

In the “heart of the Sun,”  our planetary messenger communicator gains superpowers. We’ve been collectively coping with the current Aries Mercury retrograde since April 1. Our rocky voyage has led us to the eye of the storm. Calm ensues. Dark clouds pass. In this protective circle, we can sigh in relief. As time passes, we get out of survival mode. Catching our breath allows us to strategize moving forward with more wisdom. 

Read for your Sun and Rising signs to see where your “A-ha!” moment comes from on April 11.


Sometimes, asserting our needs feels daunting. Other times, our instincts jump to our defense without a second thought. Today, you can trust that an aha moment finds you. You’ve been waiting in suspense for the right moment to act. However, Aries will find themselves confident, courageous, and back to themselves momentarily. You cannot have it all. But if it comes at the expense of yourself, is it truly worth it? On this Thursday, you choose to take responsibility for your life path. This confidence saves you.


You cannot go back and change the past. Inner healing calls to you, gently reminding you that power cannot be found while grasping for lost time. Empowerment is in your conscious presence. You’ll realize today that while your emotions are valid, they are strictly internal. Feeling lost at sea can feel overwhelming. When you decide to, you can open your eyes to see that your feet are grounded on the earth, in all actuality. As you wake up to the present moment, you break the spell of subconscious self-sabotage.


You cannot control if others support you in the pursuit of your dreams. To give it all up or not though, is absolutely within your grasp. Today, you decide to take the bait of daydreaming. What if you are capable of what you desire? What if others’ perceptions are based on a limited understanding of your reality? Charging full steam ahead, you decide to listen to your guardian angels today. Your current reality doesn’t match where you want to be. This gives you all the more motivation to strategize how to get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Others may see you as chasing illusions. However, your fake it til you make it mindset can welcome miracles.


Sometimes, we worry about our reputation so much that we do not become known at all. As we lose self-confidence in ourselves, we slip into the shadows. Today, you are tired of diminishing the quality of your work. You know you have what it takes to take up space and represent an authority figure of your craft. This moment of clarity frees you from the shackles of imposter syndrome. Be sure to maintain your long-term focus. Allowing this impulsive urge to free you brings lasting results.


Not everyone can understand you. People cannot think your thoughts, feel your feelings, or see the world through your lens. While this has been the source of your conflicts as of late, you make peace with this notion today. Being misunderstood feels less daunting. However, you see that abandoning your values and morals to blend into the hive mindset becomes the actual threat. Welcome this newfound clarity.


If anyone knows how to commit, it’s you, Virgo. When you give your word, your actions following often showcase your loyalty. However, it’s okay to admit that your talent thus far has been in practical, mundane ways. Maybe, you do need to develop more vulnerability and dissolve the wall that has been separating you and others in meaningful ways. Today, you are humbled to feel all your emotions crashing towards you at once. You cannot logic your way out of this. You’ll find it easier to surrender and accept that your heart is more wise.


Sometimes, love is not enough. To shift relationship dynamics, action, and applied willpower on both parts are required. Today, you are awakening to this notion. If things have felt unquestionably unequal, it’s time to reconnect to your individuality. Who are you at your core? What side of yourself comes out in each of your most important relationships? The answers will be revealed today. Your mental clarity allows you to make peace with what is beyond your control. Now, you can master what is in your hands.


While you want to perfect all that you do, Scorpio, today humbles you. However, this surrender brings you immense relief. We can give something our all and it can still not be successful. When we continue to do the same thing, getting broken results, it’s time to redirect our energy. As you see the flaws in your thinking, problem-solving occurs naturally. You see the solution. You see the light. Your work will thank you for redefining your crafted approach.


We cannot force matters of the heart. Our feelings are valid, whether or not they are logical. Your loved ones and you may feel more tender today. If you want to cop out, now is your chance to stop forcing passion. However, if you feel your heart longs more than ever, you can follow its call. Whatever decision you make today comes from a place of desire. Logic cannot compute what your inner child needs. Run towards the twinkling hope on the horizon. Cynicism isn’t your friend. 


The truth of life is not in the limitations of what you have inherited. Your upbringing only shows you a slim sliver of what the world is all about. Today shows you that there’s more beyond your comfort zone. If your family doesn’t understand, there’s someone else out there who will. Clarity washes over you. You don’t have to limit your growth to feel at home in outdated environments. It’s okay to reach for more, beyond what your roots have seen you as.  


Your words hold meaning. So does your silence. As you navigate the world today, you witness the power of communication. You have felt the need to over-explain who you are and what you want. Clarity sweeps your consciousness. You do not need to advocate to be seen or understood in a certain way. Your attention needs to shift towards prioritizing your authentic needs. When you redirect your intention, people will understand through instinctive nature. Do not fight to be seen. Show up as who you are.


You get to decide what you assign value to. Today, you are free from the unconscious shackles of prioritizing what you thought you wanted over what you know you need. Take it all in. As you cut off the handcuffs, circulation flushes out your body. You feel excited to take inspired action that reaffirms your autonomy. Self-worth washes over you, reminding you of who you are. Savor this moment. Revisit it often.