Andrea Piacquadio

Horoscope For Today: Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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There’s a lot of drama in the heavens today. We begin the morning with the moon in the latter degrees of Libra, offering an aesthetic flair to the profoundly Venusian energy that has been surrounding us since the sun ingressed into Taurus a few days ago.

While the first few hours of the day are ideal for working on creative projects and those who work in the fashion and beauty industries will find themselves at ease, despite the annoyances of Mercury retrograde, the moon will shift into the dark and dramatic territory of Scorpio at 11:20 AM EST.

Today multiple planets, plus Black Moon Lilith, sit at the critical “kill or be killed” degree: 22°. This doesn’t necessarily point to overt violence, but it does offer a do-or-die kind of energy to everything you’re trying to accomplish today, whether it’s checking something off your to-do list or deciding between two equally desirable job offers.

Venus at 22° of Aries highlights female strength and even aggression, particularly in matters of sexuality. This is a time when women will feel empowered to risk it in all matters of love and sex, even if the outcome is ultimately painful. This is also a time when many women will make the decision to leave toxic and abusive relationships, striking out independently with their own self-preservation instinct—and money—guiding them safely out of dangerous environments.

With Black Moon Lilith forming an exact quincunx to Venus at such a powerful degree, it’s possible the darker side of female rage will show up across news headlines today, too.

Jupiter at 22°, on the other hand, lends potential for certain individuals and corporations to earn a lot of money quickly off the backs of others. Expect the global conversation surrounding rising food prices and unethical farming practices to permeate the airwaves today, as the collective reaches a frustrated tipping point. Jupiter forms an exact trine with Black Moon Lilith, so an outpouring of righteous anger could be expected. But some might just take things too far.

As the day winds down, we will see one more male-female power struggle, though this one is likely to be a little less dramatic and, for most, more contained. At 7:14 PM, the moon will make an exact opposition with the sun in Taurus at 4°, a degree associated with the home, domesticity, and maternal figures. This is suggestive of a small, brief window of time during which the masculine-feminine polarity is emphasized, causing potential arguments or misunderstandings between men and women.

There are some prevalent themes to the day. Remember that masculine stubbornness can be difficult to break through, but feminine intuition and understanding is capable of knocking down the harshest barriers. Women who have been working in quiet secrecy to expose bad-faith actors will see the smallest cracks in the foundation.

Vindication is coming; it is a time to be patient, as Taurus season encourages us all to engage in watchful waiting. Do not rush the outcome. Believe that what you have been sowing will, in time, bear fruit.

How will this chaotic day play out for you? Your forecast is below; for best results, read according to your rising sign.


The moon spends most of the day in your eighth house, lending you opportunities to delve deeper into conversations about the darker side of life. If you are moving in with a partner or thinking about getting married, this is the time to have frank discussions about merging resources. Meanwhile, Venus in your first house forms a quincunx to Black Moon Lilith in your sixth, giving you power and agency in regard to your individual personality and how you cooperate with others in your workplace. You’re always an independent spirit, but today you have the chance to demand higher standards for yourself. Be bold and unafraid to speak your truth. Jupiter in your second house trine Black Moon Lilith reflects the strong potential for transformation in your money sector: you might quit your job for a higher-paying alternative, or get offered a huge promotion on the spot.


While the moon hangs out in your seventh house for most of the day, you’ll be focused on your relationships: business, romantic, and even your best friends. It’s in your nature to show up for your loved ones, but be sure to set reasonable boundaries so they do not usurp too much of your time and energy. This is especially true today, as the value of mental and physical health well-being is strongly highlighted. Venus in your twelfth house forms a quincunx to Black Moon Lilith in your fifth, indicating that you will struggle to unburden yourself from the shackles of your trauma and have fun. You may choose to isolate yourself, feeling as though you are undeserving of such freedoms. This self-imposed punishment might feel heavy at the time, but it will bring rewards if you stick it out: Jupiter in your first house trines Black Moon Lilith, lending you the confidence and free spirit necessary to strike out on your own. Those of you who work in childcare or healthcare may find themselves dealing with hostile female coworkers, while those of you who work in collaborative creative spaces might be envied by one of your rivals. Ignore their projection. It is a statement of their own insecurity and (probably) has nothing to do with you.


The moon spends most of the day in your sixth house, putting you to work and making you feel more productive than usual. Don’t ignore the impulse to get ahead on your spring cleaning. Meanwhile, Venus in your eleventh house forming a quincunx to Black Moon Lilith in your fourth creates a paradoxical environment in which you are respected in your larger community and reviled within your family. If you’re the one who broke the family rules in some way, you’ll likely feel the weight of all that entails—but don’t allow it to dissuade you from following your path. Jupiter in your twelfth trine Black Moon Lilith speaks of necessary isolation, especially if you’ve been dealing with mental health struggles; issues surrounding your maternal relatives will likely impact your ability to self-regulate. You are likely to feel as though you cannot truly escape your roots, even if you have successfully detached from toxic family members. Remember that you can’t change the environment you were born into. You can only work to create a better one for yourself.


Today the moon occupies your fifth house, giving you a sensual and romantic energy that you can choose to exude outwardly or apply to your personal creative projects. While Venus transits your tenth house for a while, you’ll be spotlighted in a major way, receiving lots of attention—for better or for worse—and dodging the impact of the quincunx to Black Moon Lilith in your third, which will place vengeful and vindictive women in your everyday environment. Try not to take their words to heart. Everyone’s cruelty is a representation of their own woundings. Jupiter in your eleventh house trine Black Moon Lilith suggests you’ll find an unexpected ally among the crowd, someone willing to stand up for you even if you don’t feel confident enough to do it yourself. Let them help you.


Today the moon spends most of its time in your fourth house, making you resistant to being in the public eye—uncharacteristic for you, who is normally extroverted as all get out. However, Venus in your ninth house is forming a quincunx to Black Moon Lilith in your second, making you feel like a social pariah due to your ideological beliefs, which might be seriously impacting your financial situation at the moment. Let the storm blow over and hold fast to your convictions. Jupiter in your tenth trine Black Moon Lilith is about to deliver fast vindication, and possibly expose your nemeses for hypocrisy or dishonesty. If you’ve been using your leonine power for good and not evil, you’re about to be elevated and celebrated for your contrarianism.


With the moon spending most of the day in your third house, it’s a good day to take a walk around your neighborhood and absorb the energies at play—it’s always good for your creative life to play investigative journalist when you’re out and about. Meanwhile, Venus in your eighth house forms a quincunx to Black Moon Lilith in your first, lending you some serious dark feminine power. Today, your favorite all-black outfit might give “don’t mess with me” vibes rather than your usual elegance. With Jupiter in your ninth house trining Black Moon Lilith, you can anticipate some good news coming your way from across the sea. Think of your dream job, in your dream country. Now imagine that you might be living there a year from now. If you’ve been aiming for a book deal, or the chance to be romanced by a beautiful foreigner, you might just open a life-changing DM today.


Money is on your mind today with the moon occupying your second house for most of the afternoon and evening, but you’ll be willing to fight off the self-doubt and insecurity and get down to business—even if that means confronting your bad financial habits. It’s probably better to keep all of this private for now, though. Venus in your seventh house forming a quincunx with Black Moon Lilith in your twelfth will make you unusually disconnected from your partner, preferring to spend time in your own head than in the material world where they can lavish you with adoration and attention. Jupiter in your eighth, however, forms a trine with Black Moon Lilith, suggesting an auspicious change to your relationship status. Some of you will decide to merge resources—and lives. Engagement season is officially here.


You’ll appear more alluring and attractive today, with the moon spending most of the day in your first house, and with Venus in your sixth house you might just end up having a meet-cute with the new hire at work. However, the planet of love is also forming an awkward quincunx to Black Moon Lilith in your eleventh house, meaning the competition is on. You’re likely to be envied or resented by female colleagues or rivals in your industry at this time, and the best you can do is simply shrug it off. Don’t engage and make it worse. Jupiter in your seventh house trining Black Moon Lilith suggests you’ll be the one who gets the guy—or the job, or whatever it is you’re currently fighting so hard for.


You’ll be moody and introspective most of the day, while the moon transits your twelfth house, making you less receptive than usual to your friends’ spontaneous midweek plans. You’re not usually one to turn down a chance to have fun, but you’ll be preoccupied with your own thoughts and dreams right now. Meanwhile, Venus in your fifth house is forming a quincunx with Black Moon Lilith in your tenth; while you’re feeling yourself romantically and creatively, women in positions of authority seem intent on bringing you down. Your career successes might rub a partner the wrong way, making them feel more competitive—or intimidated by you. If it’s time to end a short-term fling, do it now and don’t wait. It’s unlikely to get better. Jupiter in your sixth house trine Black Moon Lilith delivers promising news regarding your work and daily routine, so if you’ve been job-hunting, you can expect to get your dream position in spite of—or perhaps because of—the dark, commanding power you hold.


The moon in your eleventh house highlights your work ethic in a larger social dynamic, and gives you a keener eye for bad-faith actors. Scope out your coworkers and listen in on the gossip, but don’t indulge in it yourself. Venus in your fourth house quincunx Black Moon Lilith in your ninth reflects conflicts between your ideological beliefs and your home life, which may currently be at odds; if you’re struggling to break free from family who disagree with you on major religious or philosophical matters, it might be time to cut the cord gently and release yourself from the toxicity. Furthermore, Jupiter in your fifth house trine Black Moon Lilith gives you the power and agency to create something meaningful about your beliefs. Take back your power and wield it in a constructive way. Looking to date someone new? You might begin a cute early summer fling around this time, and uncover more of yourself in the midst of this new relationship.


You’ll feel as though everyone wants something from you today, with the moon in your tenth house giving you a boost of popularity and importance. Venus in your third house quincunx Black Moon Lilith in your eighth will serve as the catalyst to revelations about taboos in your social circle, especially scandals within your close friend group. Don’t be the one to spread the word too quickly. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Jupiter in your fourth house trine Black Moon Lilith brings a stroke of luck to your home and domestic life, so you might find out you’ve secured a mortgage or received an inheritance from a distant relative you didn’t know. Expect the unexpected.


The moon’s transit through your ninth house will place you in the realm of lofty academic ideas, where you’ll wish to learn as much as you can and uncover as many mysteries as possible. With Venus in your second house forming a quincunx with Black Moon Lilith in your seventh, you can easily attract formidable partners in romance and business—but be wary of women who view you as competition. Keep your enemies closer than ever. Jupiter in your third house trine Black Moon Lilith gives you a chance at success if you’ve been trying to communicate difficult concepts within your close relationships, and also provides harmonious ground for you to introduce your partner to your local community. Take them on a road trip back to your hometown. Romance and nostalgia are close bedfellows.