Nastasya Banana

Horoscope For Today: Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Today the moon remains in the extravagant and prideful territory associated with Leo, bringing out our inner drama queens. Dry your eyes, pick yourself back up, and stop wallowing, because you’ll be walking into the rest of the week with a renewed sense of confidence.

With a stellium of planets in fiery, sharp-tongued Aries now forming a trine with the moon in Leo, the energy is highly charged and ideal for getting difficult things done.

On an individual level, what can you expect? Read your following horoscope for your rising sign, rather than your sun sign, for the most accurate prediction for the day ahead.


Today the moon enters your fifth house, invigorating your desire for romance and activating your inner creative impulses. If you’ve been feeling sluggish lately, you’ll notice an increase in your mood and productivity level when you wake up this morning. Use today as an opportunity to journal, paint, draw, or catch up with an old friend, as you’ll likely be in a positive mood and eager to share it with others. Allow yourself to enjoy a lighter, more self-indulgent day; you do not have to have all the answers.


The moon in your fourth house encourages you to keep your focus on the domestic sphere today, showing up for your family and loving them well. If you have the opportunity to work from home today, take it; you’ll accomplish more from your living room couch than the office, and you’ll have some extra time to get a head start on your midweek cleaning, too.


The moon in your third house makes this an ideal day to communicate your ideas, especially if you’re doing so in a local or community-oriented setting. Get back to your roots and text some people from your past: siblings, cousins, high school friends. Allow yourself to be humbled. You are intelligent and quick-thinking, but you do not know everything.


Your mind is focused on your finances today with the moon in your second house, and depending on how you’ve been managing them you might find yourself swallowing your pride or gloating over how much you’ve saved this month. If you’ve recently started earning more at your job, for instance, you might feel convicted to donate more to charity or help out a struggling friend. Paying it forward is a win-win situation, beneficial for both parties.


The moon in your first house gives you a natural glow about you, attracting others into your sphere and amplifying your chances at networking. Some of your interpersonal relationships might have been imploding lately, but remember that whatever happens is for your highest good, and anyone who is ready to destroy a relationship over a disagreement is likely not meant to be in your life forever. It’s okay to grieve what is lost, but a true friend would not force you to compromise your values.


The moon in your twelfth house might make you more introspective than usual, but your creativity will be at an all-time high, so make the most of your solitude. If you’re partnered, this might be a good day to stay in and make dinner together, sharing your deep thoughts, hopes, and dreams for the future. However, if you’ve been struggling mentally or psychologically, your symptoms might manifest physiologically, so take care of your body and head to bed early tonight.


You’re capable of influencing a large group today, with the moon in your eleventh house, and if you have to give a presentation or lead a group project, you’ll be at your best. There are few people with your natural charisma, but today you’ll find it extra easy to capture and hold their attention. Hold back on any romantic or indulgent flights of fancy; it’s more appropriate to play by the rules today than suggest something wildly out of left field, no matter how creative and fun it might sound. There is always room for improvement later.


You are the most popular kid on campus today, with the moon illuminating your tenth house and giving you a chance to show off your unique charm. You’ll step into this role with ease. However, even if you receive major accolades at work today, your home life is going to feel chaotic. Some of you might receive news from your family back home that there has been a crisis, while others will face physical problems with your home. If you have to relocate, remember that rejection is always redirection; it’s always for the best, even if you can’t see why just yet.


The moon in your ninth house puts your focus on foreign affairs and learning, making you apt to daydream about traveling abroad or applying to grad school. You’ll be feeling talkative today, especially if your work involves religious or philosophical ideals. If you’re in a casual relationship right now, you might find the honeymoon phase starting to fizzle out around this time. It always hurts to let go of people we love, but not everyone is serving us. It’s okay to release yourself from toxic situations and move on.


Your mind is fixed on the darker side of life today, with the moon transiting your eighth house. This might mean you’re worrying about mortality, or it might just mean you’re trying to merge your finances with your live-in partner. There are always new opportunities to earn money non-traditionally and with the help of collaborators, including your romantic partners and close friends.


The moon transiting your seventh house places most of your attention on your partner today—or lack thereof. Don’t spend the day feeling sorry for yourself because of what you’re lacking in your relationship, because it will only backfire and reflect poorly on you. Right now, it’s all about your personal identity. Take a bold leap of faith—but don’t make any major changes until Mercury is safely direct, of course.


Today your focus is almost solely on work, with the moon in your sixth house giving you the energy and motivation to tidy up, get to work on time, and show up to client meetings as your best possible self. Avoid taking on more than you can handle. You are only one person, and sometimes you need to remember that.