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Horoscopes For Today: Saturday, February 10, 2024

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Today, February 10, 2024 is the beginning of the Lunar New Year, a period to start something new, refreshing, and uplifting. The Moon is in the sign of Pisces, helping us heal and connect with our emotions. We will be more introspective and spirited with Saturn conjunct with the Moon. The transit could have us feeling everything intensely. But there is also a spark of hope and inspiration with the Moon making a sextile to Jupiter. See how the transits will impact your rising, sun, and moon signs.  


The Moon today will allow you to recharge, as you could welcome grounding energy to help you focus. There is a lot of excitement this Aquarius season, but sometimes you also need to be mindful of how you spend your energy. Take today as a period to regroup and chill.


Winning could be on your mind today as you reflect on the victories you have achieved this year. The transits today help you boost your confidence levels to new heights. You are reminded this Aquarius season to have faith in yourself and to trust the process.


This is a good day to review and take the steps to build upon your game plan. Success comes easy since you have your eyes on the prize and lots of knowledge and experience. Aquarius season is sparking your love of learning and you could be fueled by curiosity today to learn something new.


Research could be much more appealing today since you have the energy and focus to get things done. The Moon in Pisces is allowing you to create a good balance and learn from others. If you have teachers or mentors you respect, they could be a good source of knowledge today for you.


You could still feel the impact of these potent transits as you see the new you emerging magnetic and self-assured. Today could feel like a much-needed break where you can go within and take care of yourself. It could be a transit where you will be more connected to your creative side and feel comfortable bringing out the artist in you.


Being present and allowing yourself the opportunity to expand your horizons will be the theme of this transit. You will see yourself elevating for the next several months as your growth will be noticed by others. The Moon today is a reminder to welcome love into your life and let it bring you bliss, harmony, and enjoyment.


Developing fruitful routines could be more beneficial today as the Moon in Pisces serves as a reminder to take care of your tasks and to switch things up to make your day-to-day routine much more exciting. Could be a good moment to update or revise your planner because you may be inspired to stay organized.


Love could feel very potent today, as the energy will echo the New Moon in Pisces next month. Today could be a period when you do something exciting with your partner to connect with them in a new way. It could be a time when you may even do something romantic like planning a date.


It is possible that you could be given more responsibilities that may transform how you view your relationship with colleagues. This is a time when you should take things easy and slowly so that you aren’t overwhelmed. If there is any friction, speak to others and communicate to prevent any misunderstandings. 


Aquarius season will push you to level up when it comes to your leadership skills. You are entering a phase where might be pulled more towards the spotlight. Learning to be more comfortable with how you express yourself could help you have more confidence in how others view you.


After the potent new moon in your sign, today could feel like a moment where you begin to see your growth and be more aware of your ambitions during the last several years. You are rediscovering your potential and you may also notice that you have people surrounding you who will support you along the way. 


This period can feel like a reset before the New Moon enters your sign next month. You have Saturn giving you the guidance and clarity needed to advance and strengthen your connections with others. The problem could be finding your motivation. Take things slow and continue to look ahead even if you don’t see major changes or advancements in your goals.