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Horoscopes For Today: Wednesday, February 7, 2024

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Today, February 7th, 2024, the Moon is in Capricorn, stabilizing and celebrating our ambitious side. A good period to focus on leveling up right before the New Moon enters Aquarius. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon sign.


Planting the seeds needed for career growth will enable you to set the tone when the New Moon in Aquarius enters later this week. Today you are prompted to do your review and edits. Learning from mistakes helps you not only grow but improve.


Knowing how to elevate your craft during this transit will allow you to have eureka moments when the New Moon enters later this week. Support comes easily for you as well since you are open to receiving constructive criticism.


Tapping into your hidden potential will allow you to shine brightly during this transit. You are radiating with Saturn enlightening and guiding you. Believe in your abilities because you will be able to triumph once you become your cheerleader. 


There is a battle of egos now with the transit reminding you that continuing on your journey to self-love and growth will enable you to take on leadership positions as well as reclaim your power. Shower yourself with compliments and don’t listen to your inner critic.


The energy flowing today could make you look towards the past for answers when it comes to your relationships. The upcoming New Moon is ready to add more transformative energy to your sign and relationship house. Building stronger connections could be a goal.


Understanding yourself more could be an effect of this transit, which could enhance the relationships you have. Incorporating self-love will help you to be more appreciative of the love and understanding you receive from others.


Poised and in control, you know how to patiently build to get to where you desire. The energy today helps you advance and feel more passionate and connected to your career path. Celebrate the growth and knowledge you have acquired in your field.


This Aquarius season could bring the boost needed to reconnect with yourself. Today’s transit shows you where you could build within the community as you begin to connect with others. Pluto will show you what a great leader you can be.


Creating a balance between career and self-care could be the topic for the day. It is easy to get caught up with responsibilities and forget about our needs. Home is where you feel recharged and where you can show yourself some self-love and care. 


Once again, past relationships serve as lessons to understand relationship dynamics. This brief period could bring some reflection from the past as you become more understanding of what you want in your future relationship.


Today could be a relaxing and low-key period right before the New Moon enters your sign. You may reflect on accomplishments as well as the new direction you may desire to take on your intellectual journey.


The connection you have with your partner will be a highlight of today. It could also be an entertaining period, since socializing could be easier today as the transit helps you to reconnect or even meet new people.